“In my life, light means…”

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“[T]he light of love shown on me in that very hour.”
-Helen Keller


An opener for Class X:

In The Story of My Life, Keller uses lots of light imagery. What is a light in your life?

Some enlightening responses:

Tsandong Lhamo

Light for me is not in a sense of having a light in a house, but light for me in my life is making me out of ignorance, making me a knowledgeable person in such a way that can help others and gives joy and a great hope for everybody. It is a method/process/way to erase darkness from each and every individual person.

Tsewang Lhamo

First of all, for sure education is a light to me because through education today I came to know so many wonderful people who visited our school. Education brought be from darkness to light, love, care, which I get from all people of Jhamtse, and support are my light which gives me courage to do something or go further.

Namgey Chodron A

Light in my life is that when my mind is full of unknown things and when I get a path to get rid of that unknown things then it is a light in my life. Also when I have a good relationship between others and get love from them and giving love to them is also a light in my life.

Pema Drolma A

In my life, light represents the positive, joy, success, happiness and smile. It is also how well I am developing with the help and support that I get from my friends, teachers and parents and staff at Jhamtse, etc. It is the new changes that come in my lie. If I am following a wrong path, then what makes one realize it by erasing the negative thoughts and darkness of life and brings me in correct path that I must follow is the light.

Tenzin Drolma A

Light is happiness, joy, fortune, and eraser of sorrow, darkness, sadness, etc. A good living situation makes us able to see what is wrong and right.

Tsering Wangmo A

In my life, light means a brightness that clears the darkness and which brings new hope, joy, or happiness to our life.

Sangey Tsering

In my life at Jhamtse I am too lucky to have opportunities for everything what I wanted, and it shows me my life is like a light.

Sangey Drolma

In my life, light is happiness and joy. In Jhamtse Gatsal, all staff and teachers take care of us. Our friends give us happiness for me. Sometimes I think I have no parents but no matter, I am happy in here. Sometimes darkness comes with me, then I can solve our problem. I share with my friend, then she or he also helps to me.

Sumchoo Drolma

In my life, light means Jhamtse Gatsal and my lovely family. Jhamtse Gatsal is light for me because it gives me knowledge, and helps me to get out from the darkness and my family is also a light for me because they love me and whenever I feel sad or lonely they take a smile on my face and I feel that somebody is here who cares about me and I feel joyful and it is light which keeps me alive.

Rinchen Tsering

As I know my life in Jhamtse is quite excellent and I am satisfied so far that I have in my life till today but if I wish I will wish for the god to have my both parents together, and my brother and sister are all in one family and happily. My life will be much more fun or joyful if I would have freedom to do anything, far from my parents and doing very funny things with my friends. Sometimes it feels to me good to go visit my parents. That makes me feel pleasure. If I would have all these things then that is light of my life.

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2 Responses to “In my life, light means…”

  1. Jerry & Gaby says:

    Light, the symbol and meaning of light, as introduced by Helen Keller, as explained wonderfully as personal expression by the amazing children of class X

    Thank you

  2. Dr Frank says:

    I saw the kids reading Helen Keller when I was there this past spring. What inspiring writing about that reading they are doing. I can’t wait to be there for all of November! We have 14 more university students that are very excited to be there again as well. A new nurse will be there in just a few days. Treat her well she is a gem of a person and you will all like her very much, another ray of light!

    Dr Frank

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