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More Wood

A few more pictures of our temporary wooden ‘cathedrals.’ Enjoy! [nggallery id=94]

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Working With Wood

On a Sunday I was observing from my room window some kids transporting or moving wood pieces….I went up to see what’s going on and I discovered that Lobsang, the teachers, and the kids from class 6 and 7 were … Continue reading

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No Turbulence Here

Suzanne Bader sends us this picture of some of the children enjoying the warm weather, and studying outside with their new umbrellas, and says: “How is the weather [there]?  We know that some turbulence is coming???? Hope not!!!  I am … Continue reading

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The Sun Shines at Jhamtse Gatsal

At last the sun is shining at Jhamtse Gatsal. The children are studying in the sunshine. They have discovered that their new umbrellas, provided by volunteer Suzanne Bader, from Switzerland, are helpful in sunshine as well as rain. Exams start … Continue reading

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Umbrellas For All

This summer Suzanne Bader, from Switzerland, brought umbrellas for the kids in Jhamtse Gatsal.  The kids were so happy to have their own umbrellas!! Suzanne is going to stay for the next three months and she will be teaching dance, … Continue reading

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Welcome to Our Solar Cooker

We are going to tell about how we made a solar cooker by class 7. Catie Madam and Sandy Madam taught us. We learned in chapter 4 about conduction, convection and radiation. Conduction means the way heat move through solids. … Continue reading

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Sad News

On the night of 15 August a beloved member of the Jhamtse Gatsal family died in a tragic accident in the town of Tawang.  Neema Lama was the 17 year old son of our driver, Dorjee Bhaiya and his wife Maya … Continue reading

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The Garden of Love and Compassion

“7/12/2011: We’re at Jhamtse!!! We arrived yesterday, mid-afternoon, to find ourselves surprised by a receiving line of all the children who excitedly greeted us with the most amazing smiles, flowers, hugs, shouts, and just an overwhelming display of true, pure … Continue reading

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“Eight Verses of Training the Mind”

Gen Lobsang is teaching us “Eight Verses of Training the Mind.” Every Friday he teaches to class seven, six and amalas and other staff. Sometime he tells story that is related with this topic. It is very interesting and funny. … Continue reading

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Slices of Life

Now that we are leaving tomorrow morning, I am finally forced to come in from playing with the children and being in the fresh mountain air, and to sit down in front of the computer and try and put some … Continue reading

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We Love Computer Class!

Madam Vasudha Wanchoo taught us computer class for class seven. She teaches us from one month ago. She teaches us from 4pm to 5pm on Monday and Thursday. She teaches us many time until till we understand and she also … Continue reading

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Articles by Classes VI and VII!

Hi everyone, The students of classes VI and VII have been working hard both in class and outside of class (in whatever random, free moments we’ve been able to round up all the members of a group at one time!) … Continue reading

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Wee One Wisdom

Here at Jhamtse Gatsal I prepare lesson plans, write things on the blackboard, and am called Madam; I have my subjects, my students, and my chalk. All these mysterious clues seem to suggest that I’m supposed to be the teacher. … Continue reading

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Notes from a Mountaintop

I can’t believe we’ve been here for three weeks already. Even more, I can’t believe we’re leaving in a couple of days. Time has absolutely flown this summer. Jessie, Sarah, Catie, Max and I have been teaching assortments of English, … Continue reading

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Class IV Performance!

We have been having a lot of fun teaching classes. For the last few days, we have been working in English class with the 4th graders to put together dramatic renditions of the story from the current chapter of their … Continue reading

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