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Celebrating Jhamtse Supporters From Switzerland

The community members of Jhamtse Gatsal recently took some time to celebrate the formation of a new group of Gatsal supporters in Switzerland, with a whole day spent in their honor. Longtime friend of Jhamtse, Suzanne Bader, said “It is … Continue reading

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Ganesha’s Magic Powder

This weekend 37 of the children participated in the performance of “Ganesha’s Magic Powder,” a North Indian play translated and directed by Suzanne Bader. The children gave a fantastic performance, including some beautiful Hindi dancing. The costumes were so colourful … Continue reading

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Warm Hats from the UK

Jill Eisberg, together with a group of her friends, has knitted 82 hats for the children. She designed these colourful “teddy hats” for the younger children and lots of different coloured “beanies” for the boys. Jill started knitting the hats … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for This Year’s Play

Just quick some news from our “Ganesha” show preparation…… The first picture is of some of the children playing with 80 little Pinocchio puppets to commemorate last year’s play. They are from  “Pinocchio’s” home town, in Italy. The other pictures … Continue reading

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