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Happy Holi!

We took an afternoon to celebrate Holi Festival on the 27th of March. We regret that you couldn’t join us, and hope you can vicariously enjoy the fun through all these action-packed photos, taken by visitors Julia Washburn and Dr. … Continue reading

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A Special Visit from the New DC

On February 24th, the newly appointed Deputy Commissioner of Tawang, Shri Abhishek Dev, visited our community for the very first time. He was accompanied by the Divisional Forest Officer of Tawang, Shri B.B. Pawle, and Shri Mika Nyori, Additional Deputy … Continue reading

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Educational Impressions from Jhamtse Gatsal

This is my third trip to the remote Himalayan area of Jhamtse Gatsal Children’s Community. I originally came here as an educator with experience in teaching, running schools and training teachers. The community was young and struggling to deal with … Continue reading

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Momos Made With Love

Momo preparation is a special occasion at Jhamtse Gatsal. Many people participate, as the kitchen staff needs hands. For this dinner, we got started at 4pm. Step 1: Chop cabbages and onions, mix with oil and paneer. Step 2: Prepare … Continue reading

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Coming Back Home

Almost two months have passed and finally the kids are back. Yipeee! How we all have missed them, and now we are glad to have them back home. It was and exciting day, March 18th. In the morning we were … Continue reading

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Worms and Staff at Work!

On March 14, 2013, the District Horticulture Officer (DHO), Mr. Kesang Chombey, and the District Agriculture Officer (DAO), Mr. Shambhu Kumar, visited the Community to do a workshop on vermicomposting, which included detailed information on topics like: • how to … Continue reading

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The Gorsam-Kora Festival

Monday was a very exciting day! We woke up at 4:30a.m to prepare a breakfast and lunch before we started our journey from Jhamtse for the Gorsam Festival at Zimithang, near the border of Tibet. The Gorsam-Kora Festival happens every … Continue reading

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School Break Building Projects

The campus is humming like a hive of bees. Staff and students, Amalas and teachers, masons and carpenters are working hard on several projects, while Jhamtse Gatsal is mostly quiet during the winter school break. Here are a few things … Continue reading

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Dr. Dingle: A Short and Meaningful Visit

After nearly a year of planning and talking about it, and with growing excitement, my daughter, Amma, and I made our journey to the Jhamtse Gatsal Children’s Community in Arunachal  Pradesh. My daughter will be there for six months as … Continue reading

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