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Far Away Land

Originally posted on Vishnu’s personal blog, and shared with his permission. [singlepic id=1916 w=600 h=338 float=left] Part 1 How I wish I was a writer and not a filmmaker! If I were a writer every time there is a desire … Continue reading

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Update of The Building Construction

[singlepic id=1752 w=600 h=400 float=left] The building that is under construction on campus will be for new staff housing, office space, and a computer lab classroom. The staff housing is coming along; the doors, windows, walls and ceiling are painted … Continue reading

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My Experience In Jhamtse

[singlepic id=1746 w=600 h=450 float=left] Before my departure, some people asked me “why are you going so far and why in India?”. At that moment, I didn’t really know what to answer and I must say that I started to … Continue reading

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Independence Day 2013

15th August was India’s 66th Independence Day. We all thought and planned to celebrate in our community. Our day started with the hoisting of the India flag in the early morning at 7:00 with all the children, staff and volunteers … Continue reading

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Love and Sponsor Letters

[singlepic id=1895 w=200 h=325 float=right]I could write pages and pages about the beauty of Jhamtse Gatsal, the unceasing sense of welcome and love, the fact that I have never had so many hugs, the stunning physical setting, the compassion that … Continue reading

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The Farmer and the Crows

[singlepic id=1628 w=600 h=470 float=left] Suzanne Madam helped us make a drama, to show to our audience, the Community. We prepared and practiced for about one week. The play was written by Suzanne. Dina helped with the music, and Madam … Continue reading

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Tara Hike

[singlepic id=1729 w=300 h=225 float=left]Ever since I came to the Jhamtse community I was intrigued by the building sight on the top of the nearest mountain peak overlooking the school’s property. “It is White Tara, the female incarnation of Buddha” … Continue reading

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