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Class IX on the Noble Eightfold Path

The first 10 minutes of every day, each class spends with their respective class teacher, reveling in a collective pause for reflection, intention-setting, and general checking-in. Class IX has been starting off their mornings this week enumerating various elements of … Continue reading

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Class VIII and Some Stellar Presentations

Continuing our consideration of structural violence in education, Class VIII recently paired off to research and report on a handful of alternative educational landscapes, as described in the (fascinating, intricate, broad-minded, and magnificently colorful) children’s book, Going to School in … Continue reading

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Interpretations of Helen Keller’s The Story of My Life

Sumchoo Drolma and Tenzin Drolma A. Photo by Dorjee Norbu   This year, Class X has been enjoying exploring Helen Keller’s poetic and poignant autobiography, The Story of My Life. As we crest the midpoint of the book, the students … Continue reading

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Class 8 Highlights Power Structures in Education

Class 8 begins an exciting new unit this week, delving into structural violence in institutional education. Over the course of three days, we kicked off our exploration with an extended airing of the poignant documentary “Schooling the World,” which critically … Continue reading

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Some Nifty Sunday Afternoon Photos

…of a few otherwise overlooked campus nooks and crannies, by Tenzin Norbu (Class 8) and company.    

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Class 9 Kicks off the Week

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