A Special Visit from the New DC

On February 24th, the newly appointed Deputy Commissioner of Tawang, Shri Abhishek Dev, visited our community for the very first time. He was accompanied by the Divisional Forest Officer of Tawang, Shri B.B. Pawle, and Shri Mika Nyori, Additional Deputy Commissioner, Lumla – who is also a great supporter of Jhamtse Gatsal Children’s Community, along with Tawang Shri and other heads of the departments from Lumla.

His visit was so unannounced that we get very little time for the preparation. But anyhow, hats off to our Traditional Dance Teachers, Ms. Tenzin Yangkey and Mr. Lham Dorjee who always hit the bull’s eye with their efforts and hard work.

The Deputy Commissioner had an official tour at Lumla, and after that he wanted to visit our community. He and his officers visited around 3:30 PM. Our Director, Ven. Lobsang Phuntsok offered khatas to welcome them. Then he requested him to have a brief tour of our community and started with the solar fencing, vermi-composting area, stone cutting area, waste management building, Family Kitchen, Family Houses, Clinic, and Class IX and Kindergarten Classrooms.

After that, we had a small celebration, starting with a welcome speech by Gen Lobsang Phuntsok, and then the children performed a few cultural dances. As usual, they rock with the Senge Cham (Snow Lion Dance), which is always a highlight of performances at Jhamtse Gatsal Children’s Community. On requesting to say a few words of our community, Mr. Abhishek Dev said he was so impressed by the work we are doing in such a remote area and asked us to continue this noble venture!! He was also thankful to the supporters from abroad like the US, England, Italy, and Chile for rendering their selfless help and support to the community and asked for their continued support and enthusiasm. He then asked all the staff, volunteers and children to visit Tawang where he will give a tour of his administrative office and offered an invitation to lunch in his residence with his family in Tawang. Since Jhamtse Gatsal is such a big family and small cars are not good enough to fit all of us, he also promised to send his administration bus to carry us.

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5 Responses to A Special Visit from the New DC

  1. Sabyasachi says:

    Thanks for the lovely update Teke !!

    Keep posting :)

    Tashi Delek

  2. Mark says:

    You guys are now experts at hosting special guests. Thanks for sharing the story and fantastic pictures. Keep’em coming.

  3. sue says:

    This is so beautiful. Your costumes are fantastic. I love the dancing. I wish I could come there soon!

  4. Jerry Zadow says:

    Wonderful. When Mark and I come is this exactly the way we will be treated? (I hope not, but Mark truly craves the adulation)

    Thanks, Teke, great reportage

  5. Grace says:

    Thank you for so many wonderful photos of this event. How the children and the school have grown! It must be gratifying to be so appreciated by the district leaders and to be seen as a model for the whole area.

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