“Beautiful should have it in every angle.”

photo of prayer flags

Photo by budding photographer, Raju Kumar, Class IX


Priming us to explore a funny episode in Jerome K. Jerome’s classic Three Men in a Boat—an aesthetically humble storekeeper plasters over expensive antique oak paneling with garish blue wallpaper, hullaballoo ensues—today’s three student teachers of Class IX kick their lesson off with the endlessly provocative “What does beautiful mean for you?”

Tashi Tsomu:

All beautiful is not beautiful but if we love something then that is beautiful.

Phurpa Lhamo:

Beautiful is what we love but different people have different meaning of beautiful. How we see and how we feel. Beautiful is not artificial, it is a nature.

Langa Tsering:

I think beautiful means that when we see something is good or looking nice is beautiful. Kind heart and positive thinking is also beautiful. Beautiful that is natural beautiful is most beautiful in the world. Beautiful is when we like something is beautiful. Beautiful is that some things that makes other people happy.

Dawa Dorjee:

For me beautiful doesn’t mean it has beauty face, beauty body, good looking. It means that pure heart, kind heart and their heart is full of love and compassion.

Raju Kumar:

Beautiful mean in my way is that a beautiful should have it in every angles. It doesn’t mean the good looking. A clear thinking of that person. We should look in their work not in their look. “A person is known by their work, not by their name!”

Tenzin Lhamo:

If persons who don’t have a hand, blind person, can’t talk, no legs, no hair but if they have a positive mind and helpful person for me this is my beautiful to me. Beautiful not mean that people who have a beautiful eyes and beautiful face. People should also need kind heart. Even the grandmothers also beautiful.

Rinchen Drolma:

For me beauty doesn’t only means of having beautiful face. It is something which we can take our attention and inspire us. Beauty is a pure heart. It is the most purest form of beauty which can make all the living beings happy and will always desire to have it. Different people have different talent which is not present in other. I am proud of my parents who gave me everything I should have. There are people who doesn’t have everything they should have. Some examples are blind eyes who have came to the earth to see the beauty of nature but they can’t see but they have their own talent to feel the beauty of nature which we don’t have. Every being have different ways to feel beauty so I will stop my magic pen here. P.S. Thanks for my of giving me my extra talent which is not present in others.

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