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“Being Monpa is Special for Me”

Calling back upon our theme of structural violence, Class VII has recently been delving into learning about different forms of ethnic discrimination. We began with some news articles about trends and instances of discrimination in Indian cities against tribal minorities … Continue reading

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Wedding and a Show

We always have plenty to celebrate here at Jhamtse Gatsal, and this weekend was no exception. The kids performed a remarkable program of dances to honor the visit of five special members of our community, whom we are lucky to have joining us for a few weeks from Jhamtse Canada, and to recognize especially the marriage of Adarsh Mehta and Jeff Jenner.

A local astrologer performed the wedding ceremony, and then the students blew us all away with a spectacular set of songs and dances.

The highlight of the musical program was undeniably the long-awaited Lion Dance, premiering the brand new costumes for which the eighth and ninth grade boys raised an astounding $6,000 through Kickstarter, with great thanks to your generosity. After each song the entire morning, all the young children gathered on the steps eagerly predicted, “Next Lion Dance?” and when Rinchen, Langa, Dorjee, Sangey, Dawa and Raju finally took to the stage, the performance was well worth the wait. The kids were thrilled and enthralled and the adults all speechlessly impressed. After the show, Raju came out to dance with the adoring and exuberant kindergarteners, still wearing his baby lion outfit. Continue reading

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T. G. Rinpoche’s Untimely Passing

Last week the Community, and truly the world (though we recognize that considering that scale, loss is only a temporally and geographically bounded illusion), suffered a jolting tragedy with the passing of Tsona Gontse Rinpoche. There is more to say … Continue reading

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Holi Extreme

Yesterday morning, the Class VIII students kicked off the day with some creative writing, prompted to pick one moment from our Holi festivities the day before and add as many details as they could to make it come to life. … Continue reading

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Learning About Compassion for Lha Bab Duchen

Every year we celebrate Lha-Bab-Duchen on the 9th month of the 22nd date of the lunar calendar. It is the day Buddha descended from heaven to the earth. As Lha-Bab-Duchen comes every year, we usually gather together and chant, lighting … Continue reading

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A Special Day in Tawang

Originally posted on Beezy ‘s Facebook page, and shared with her permission. November 21 was a very special day for the children of Jhamtse Gatsal. Several relics (small pieces of bone) from Buddha, on loan from the National Museum in … Continue reading

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A Festival of Light

On November 3, Diwali was celebrated all over India. It is a festival of light because this is the day Lord Rama came back to the capital city of his kingdom after being sent away for 14 years. On this … Continue reading

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Something to Celebrate!

I am sure everybody knows that “after the rain comes the sunshine,” so the celebration of Suzanne and Dominique’s wedding was a wonderful and cheerful affair we had on 26th July 2013 – much welcome after the experiences of the … Continue reading

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His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama’s 78th Birthday

[singlepic id=1609 w=600 h=108 float=left] On the 6th of July every year we celebrate H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama’s birthday. On that day all staff and all students gather together and students perform some performances like dancing and singing, etc. … Continue reading

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Celebrating Sagadawa

[singlepic id=1570 w=600 h=178 float=left] Sagadawa Duechen is the most important celebration in the Tibetan tradition on the life of Buddha Shakyamuni. This is the day when Buddha Shakyamuni was born, achieved enlightenment and parinirvana (he passed away). The date … Continue reading

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Field Trip to Tawang

Last week classes 5, 6, and 7 visited the Tawang Monastery. At that time, Gen Sangpo told us how to spin the prayer wheels and circle the monastery. When we entered inside the monastery we also had to prostrate. We … Continue reading

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Happy Holi!

We took an afternoon to celebrate Holi Festival on the 27th of March. We regret that you couldn’t join us, and hope you can vicariously enjoy the fun through all these action-packed photos, taken by visitors Julia Washburn and Dr. … Continue reading

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The Gorsam-Kora Festival

Monday was a very exciting day! We woke up at 4:30a.m to prepare a breakfast and lunch before we started our journey from Jhamtse for the Gorsam Festival at Zimithang, near the border of Tibet. The Gorsam-Kora Festival happens every … Continue reading

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Celebrating Losar

February 25th was the last day of Losar, the celebration of Tibetan New Year. The fifteen-day long celebration involves drinking lots of Chung (a local alcohol), eating sweet Tibetan biscuits, and generally celebrating. It is custom to go around to … Continue reading

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Prayers for Tibetans

Friends, today we held Monlam prayers for the many Tibetans who over the years have self-immolated themselves in Lhasa in the hope of freedom for Tibet. The most recent courageous act happened on May 26 when two young Tibetans gave … Continue reading

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BCPS honors Jhamtse Gatsal

Recently, Gen Lobsang received a call from Buddhist Cultural Preservation Society (BCPS), Bomdila, that they wanted him to visit the 25th Anniversary celebration of the organization since they had chosen to honor Jhamtse Gatsal during their celebration. Gen La thought … Continue reading

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The Concept of Beauty at School

‘Art reflects the beauty of human soul.’ I read this line somewhere, and at that time I thought what is the beauty of a human soul? With time, I came to understand that art reflects the most undefined and abstract … Continue reading

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Michelle Shares Her Favorites

Michelle D., a visitor to Gatsal during the Fall of 2011, has a gallery of wonderful photos to share. Here are just a few of her favorites from the trip: [nggallery id=113]

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Special Week-Long Ritual Pujas Held

Venerables Gan Lobsang Nyendak la and Gan Lobsang Tsultrim la, two specially invited senior monks from the world famous Gyudmed Tantric Monastery, in South India, conducted some ritual Pujas over one week:  ‘Drol Chog’, the Elaborate Tara Puja (Four Mandala … Continue reading

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LHA-BAB-DUCHEN celebration!

On 29th October, We, the Jhamtse people, celebrated the LHA-BAB-DUCHEN.. This is one of the four major Buddhist cultural events! According to the Tibetan calender, it occurs on the 22nd day of every 9th month!  All the staff as well … Continue reading

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