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Gandhi Jayanti Celebration

On the 2nd of October, we the Jhamtse family, celebrated our Bapu’s Birthday — ie. “Gandhi Jayanti.” [singlepic id=1809 w=250 h=250 float=left]Gandhi Jayanti means the birthday of our Great Freedom Fighter, Mahatma Gandhi. He was the only freedom fighter whose … Continue reading

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Class 8-9 Fieldtrip

On September 28th the class 8 & 9 students went on a science and math educational trip to Tawang. The school hired a bus to take the 27 students plus 3 teachers. We left the school smiling and waving goodbye … Continue reading

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Teacher’s Trip to Bhangajang

[singlepic id=1781 w=600 h=338 float=left] In September, we took a ten day break for all the teachers, to refresh up our minds. We (teachers) especially were so excited. So we thought and decided to go for a hike to Bhangajang … Continue reading

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Teacher’s Day with the Students

Dr. Radhakrishnan said “The future of any country depends on its teachers, his responsibilities will produce a nation of educated, disciplined and hard-working, sincere people.” Dr. Radhakrishnan was one of the first presidents of India and he is also a … Continue reading

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Teacher’s Day with the Teachers

[singlepic id=1775 w=600 h=278 float=left] Teacher’s Day in India is held on 5th September on the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, India’s second President. We celebrate it every year in our school but this year we celebrated Teacher’s Day … Continue reading

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World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Visitors

[singlepic id=1773 w=600 h=338 float=left] On 3rd September we had one workshop about WWF, which stands for World Wildlife Fund. One day before, our Genla informed us that tommorow we will have one workshop, and some outsiders will come to … Continue reading

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Independence Day 2013

15th August was India’s 66th Independence Day. We all thought and planned to celebrate in our community. Our day started with the hoisting of the India flag in the early morning at 7:00 with all the children, staff and volunteers … Continue reading

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The Farmer and the Crows

[singlepic id=1628 w=600 h=470 float=left] Suzanne Madam helped us make a drama, to show to our audience, the Community. We prepared and practiced for about one week. The play was written by Suzanne. Dina helped with the music, and Madam … Continue reading

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Tara Hike

[singlepic id=1729 w=300 h=225 float=left]Ever since I came to the Jhamtse community I was intrigued by the building sight on the top of the nearest mountain peak overlooking the school’s property. “It is White Tara, the female incarnation of Buddha” … Continue reading

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Something to Celebrate!

I am sure everybody knows that “after the rain comes the sunshine,” so the celebration of Suzanne and Dominique’s wedding was a wonderful and cheerful affair we had on 26th July 2013 – much welcome after the experiences of the … Continue reading

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His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama’s 78th Birthday

[singlepic id=1609 w=600 h=108 float=left] On the 6th of July every year we celebrate H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama’s birthday. On that day all staff and all students gather together and students perform some performances like dancing and singing, etc. … Continue reading

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We are Strengthened Through Adversity

Dear Friends, I want to share the news about some extraordinary recent events at Jhamtse Gatsal. Some bad things happened, we made good decisions, and our Community is stronger, safer, and more valued by members of the local administration and … Continue reading

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Celebrating Sagadawa

[singlepic id=1570 w=600 h=178 float=left] Sagadawa Duechen is the most important celebration in the Tibetan tradition on the life of Buddha Shakyamuni. This is the day when Buddha Shakyamuni was born, achieved enlightenment and parinirvana (he passed away). The date … Continue reading

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Field Trip to Tawang

Last week classes 5, 6, and 7 visited the Tawang Monastery. At that time, Gen Sangpo told us how to spin the prayer wheels and circle the monastery. When we entered inside the monastery we also had to prostrate. We … Continue reading

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Hearty Thanks

Hearty thanks to Dr. Koshy George, Managing Director, Baptist Christian Hospital, Tezpur, and Dr. Pratibha Milton, Outreach Program Director, at the same hospital for organizing a medical camp at Jhamtse Gatsal Children’s Community, Lumla, on April 27–28, 2013. Also, thanks … Continue reading

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Prayers for Boston

. [sc_embed_player fileurl=”″] Audio recording of the Gatsal children chanting during our Tibetan Prayer Service (25 min.) Jhamste Gatsal is a long way from Boston if one measures by miles or days needed to travel from there to Lumla and … Continue reading

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The Architecture of Learning

The Architecture of Learning Workshops are over! Dr. Washburn was a dynamic and knowledgeable presenter. His patience and enthusiasm helped motivate us to persevere through some tough new notions. We had six intense jam packed days of learning to design … Continue reading

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Happy Holi!

We took an afternoon to celebrate Holi Festival on the 27th of March. We regret that you couldn’t join us, and hope you can vicariously enjoy the fun through all these action-packed photos, taken by visitors Julia Washburn and Dr. … Continue reading

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A Special Visit from the New DC

On February 24th, the newly appointed Deputy Commissioner of Tawang, Shri Abhishek Dev, visited our community for the very first time. He was accompanied by the Divisional Forest Officer of Tawang, Shri B.B. Pawle, and Shri Mika Nyori, Additional Deputy … Continue reading

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Coming Back Home

Almost two months have passed and finally the kids are back. Yipeee! How we all have missed them, and now we are glad to have them back home. It was and exciting day, March 18th. In the morning we were … Continue reading

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