Class VII Creative Writing: Dream of Mother Deer

The fourth in our series of awesome writing, inspired by some award-winning photos of 2014.


photo of a deer

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Dream of Mother Deer!

by Tenzin Lhadron ‘B’

Long ago in the forest the grasses were dry, land was rock, and the trees were thorny. There was one deer family. They were very wise and they thought about flowers around their home and they also imagined about green grass, tall trees, and blue flowers growing near the house. Mother deer liked blue flowers and green grasses and tall beautiful trees. She always imagined that, One day I will be surrounded by blue flowers and green soft grasses around me. There will be tall shining trees.

One day the deer family thought, “We will plant some blue flowers and soft green grasses near our house.” That night, the deer family began to plant flowers and soft green grasses. When the deer family was planting flowers, the moon light was there and they were talking to each other about how to plant.

Mother deer taught their members. “First we have to dig the soil and put the seed inside and pour some water,” she taught.

The baby deer said, “Cool! Exciting!”

There were horrible sounds when they were planting. Owls, parrots, and different types of birds were making terrible sounds. The small deer girl was scared by she was acting brave and mother deer was impressed.

In the morning, mother deer woke up and looked out of the window. It was amazing! She cheered very loudly and father deer, girl deer, and boy deer woke up very curiously. They all said together at the same time, “What’s wrong, mother deer?” Mother deer was so amazed that she couldn’t say a single word. They all looked out of the window and the yard was very, very beautiful.

Their house was surrounded by blue shining flowers, green soft grasses, tall beautiful trees and birds. Butterflies and bees were drinking the juice of flowers.

Mother deer’s dream had come true. Shew as very happy and she went outside and tasted the grass and it was so tasty. She kissed the flowers and talked to the butterflies and she sang a song. She always took care of flowers, grasses, and trees; she put water and she cared as her own baby. One day while she was watering the flowers and singing a song, one man came and took a photo of her. He showed it to people and it was very famous and the government gave an award to the deer family and to the man.


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3 Responses to Class VII Creative Writing: Dream of Mother Deer

  1. Laurel Lhowe says:

    Into the mystic!

  2. Jerry & Gaby says:

    Bravo, Tanzin Lhadron B, very lovely. By the way, we have LOTS of deer behind our house

  3. Helena von Arnim says:

    Dear Tanzin Lhadron B, what a beautiful story, I live in a country where there were many many deer before the Spanish conquerors arrived, then they were all killed; they are no more…..
    Thank you for telling us that if we work with love in our hearts our dreams can become true !!!!!
    My love to each and all in our beloved Garden of Love and Compasion !!!

    Abuelitahelen in colombia South America….

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