Class VII Creative Writing: Story About Swimming Pool

The fifth in our series of awesome writing, inspired by some award-winning photos of 2014.


photo of people in a swimming pool

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Story About Swimming Pool

by Dorjee Wangchu

Once upon a time in America there was a swimming pool made by a great scientist and full of hot water. All the rich men came to swim. They liked to swim there because they had hot water in the swimming pool. The smoke or gas was coming from that swimming pool. They felt very happy. They enjoyed in this swimming pool.

People below 15 years could not go to this swimming pool because they would be a risk. They couldn’t swim and sometimes if they swam in that pool a big man or tall person might fall above that child and if they didn’t stand up very quickly, then the water would go inside her or his mouth and the person would die and the parents would be very sad. In this swimming pool they didn’t get hurt from a long time.

They enjoyed very much and they put music and they danced in the water but they didn’t play football or volleyball in that swimming pool because if the ball went inside the pipe it could block or damage the swimming pool.

All the people were swimming at night because the lights were on. The boy wanted to go there but the guard said, “No, you cannot go there.” The boy felt very sad and he thought he would study.

He studied very much and he became a great scientist and he made a pool for the little kids and he solved the problem of every poor and small child who wanted to swim. He got an award for solving the problem and working on hot water’s swimming pool. At last he named his swimming pool as Children’s Swimming Pool.

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2 Responses to Class VII Creative Writing: Story About Swimming Pool

  1. Jerry & Gaby says:

    Aaah, the dream of the swimming pool at Jhamtse Gatsal. Bravo

  2. Bill Seaver says:

    Fascinating. I agree with the bit about children not being allowed in some pools being unfair, however, this is most likely a public bath in Budapest where all are allowed including children. It is one of he most democratic baths (heated pools) I have ever seen.

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