Class VII Creative Writing: Story of the Five Sisters

The third in our series of awesome writing, inspired by some award-winning photos of 2014.


photo of beautiful flowers in a forest

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Story of the Five Sisters

by Lungta Lhamu

Once there were five sisters. The sisters were very beautiful and their names were Sonam, Chodron, Tenzin, Lungta, and Mani. Sonam was very scared. Chodron was very cute like a baby rabbit. Tenzin was very funny. Lungta was very talented and Mani was very wise and friendly to all. The five sisters used to live in a forest which was very clean and beautiful. In the middle of that forest there was one big tree. In that big tree the five sisters used to live. Under that tree there were so many white and purple flowers which smelled like chocolate.

One day a group of men came to the forest. When the group of men saw a very beautiful place, their mind became very fresh and felt very cool. The group of men heard a beautiful song sung by the five sisters. The music sounded like Sherya Ghosal’s soft voice. They reached the place where the sound was coming from. While the group of men were going, they cut down all the beautiful flowers because they way to go. The group of men sat under the tree and the group of men were very silent because they thought that if they would make noise then the five sisters would run away. At night the group of men slept under that tree.

At morning, the five sisters noticed that there was no light and all was very cloudy. They were very worried. Suddenly Sonam (the youngest one) noticed that a group of men were sleeping there. The five sisters were very scared. Suddenly, they remembered a spell given by a witch, that they will die together when a group of men will come there and they will be reborn as fairies so they can make the place very beautiful again. The five sisters jumped from the tree which was very big with lots of branches and leaves and they died together in that place. The group of men were very sad to see the five sisters were dead. They buried them under that tree.

Six years later, the forest became very thick and ugly, but the tree was still beautiful because the five beautiful sisters were buried there. The five sisters were reborn as fairies and made the forest magic beautiful and planted lots and lots of flowers which were in white and purple colour. To grow a flower it took thousands and thousands of years to make it like it was before. After thousands and thousands of years they were happy to see their forest again beautiful. The forest was looking very similar to before. But in that forest there was a little bit change. The forest was looking like all the surroundings were covered by clouds and flowers and trees were again in white and purple colour. It was miraculous and looked like the place of heaven. They lived happily ever after and the forest stood magic and beautiful forever.

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