Class VII Creative Writing: About the Parrots’ Home

Class VII has been working recently on creative writing: specifically, giving structuring their stories around central conflict and narrative arc, and enriching them with detail, dialogue, the five senses, and simile. Here is the first in a short series of awesome writing, inspired by some award-winning photos of 2014.


photo of parrots flying over a graveyard

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About the Parrots’ Home

by Shanti Tamang

Once there was a group of parrots. They were flying to find their home. At that time they had seen many houses and trees but the houses were not looking beautiful and clean. All trees were brown and there were no leaves at the trees.

The parrots did not like that place because it was not green and beautiful. The place was full of houses and graveyards and also the clouds were black and cloudy.

From that place they flew and flew. They did not find any place that they wanted to make their home and lived forever.

But finally they were flying to make their own home. One of them, the little baby, saw the place as fully covered by green trees and beautiful flowers. She said, “Look there are trees and beautiful flowers over there.”

When the group of parrots looked they said, “It is enough place to make our home.” They all landed there and they looked at all the place. There was also a waterfall and many birds and animals.

They all lived as a family. Finally, one parrot said, “This place is very joyful and beautiful.” All the birds and animals lived as a family. They all lived their house in that place and they also joined that family like Jhamtse Gatsal School.

They all loved each other and cared for each other and they lived very happily as a community of birds and animals.

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  1. Beezy says:

    Beautiful writing, Shanti!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful Shanti, a very lovely story, thank you

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