Class VII Creative Writing: About a Poor Family

Here is the second in our series of awesome writing, inspired by some award-winning photos of 2014.


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About a Poor Family

by Sonam Chodron

Once upon a time in a small village there lived a poor family with a father, mother, and their daughter. The daughter’s name was Sonam. Sonam was such a talented girl, kind and hardworking like Leki Norbu, and also she knew how to read the alphabet. Her friend used to teach some letters to Sonam. So she knew the alphabet. Inside Sonam’s house, it was too dark even during the day also. Sonam’s house had a hole in the roof and from the hole, sun appeared and sometimes she used to red by using the sunlight. At 7 o’clock the sunrise came and Sonam felt happy and also she felt nice.

One day Sonam’s mother said to Sonam’s father, “Our daughter Sonam is such a talented girl and also a kind and hardworking girl. We will send her to a good school and then it will be good.”

Her father said, “From where will we take so much money?”

Her mother thought for a long time and she got an idea and she said, “I will work in a garden and you can make pots. I will sell the vegetables and you can sell the pots. From that way, we will get money then we will give money for school fees.”

They started to do work. The mother worked on her garden and Sonam’s father started to make pots. First Sonam’s father brought a wheel and clay and he started making pots and then fast Sonam’s mother dug a soil. After that, she started to put seeds in the soil. Sonam’s father and mother did hard work and also it was so hard to work. After a few days, Sonam’s father had done six thousand pots. He worked night and day also and also in the garden the vegetables had grown very big and they looked very green because the mother worked so hard. Then they started to sell the pots and vegetables. So many people came to buy vegetables and pots. They earned so much money. After that Sonam’s father and mother decided to end Sonam to a school. They sent Sonam to a school.

When Sonam came first time to school, she saw a big building and mountains and so many students and staffs. Sonam was a new student so she felt shy because she came for the first time in a school. One girl came near Sonam. She said, “Hello! My name is Tenzin and I am from Bhutan.” She asked her, “What is your name and where did you come from?”

Sonam said, “My name is Sonam and I came from a small village named Kharteng,” and they shook their hands and they two became good friends.

In the class, Lungta teacher always used to say that Sonam was a very talented and kind girl. Lungta always saw that Sonam was helping the students and also teacher. So she felt nice. One day Lungta wrote a letter to Sonam’s parents, because she liked Sonam.


Dear Sonam’s father and mother,

I am Sonam’s teacher and I will tell you that Sonam is very good in education and also she is friendly with all students. I love her so much. She is a good student. I have never seen a student like Sonam. I think when Sonam grows up she will become a good person. You do not need to be worried about her. I will look after her.

-Sonam’s teacher Lungta

When Sonam’s father and mother got the letter, her mother told Sonam’s old friend to read the letter and Sonam’s friend read the letter. When her father and mother heard, happy tears came up on the mother’s eyes.

A few days later all the students grew up. Sonam became a good person and a kind person and also because of being a kind and good person she became a famous person and also she got a good job as a doctor. She used to help poor people. If she saw poor people were sick, she used to bring her or him to the hospital and she used to give medicine. From that way, Sonam got a prize and also she became a famous and very god doctor. Whenever she got money, she used to send it for her father and mother. Sonam and her father and mother lived happily forever.

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