Descriptive Writing: Bonfire Senses

New Year's bonfire, JGCC

Photo by Volunteer Leah Wood

The budding novelists of Class VII have been most recently equipping their creative writing toolboxes with practice observing and enunciating detail of the five senses. Check out below their collaborative description of our New Year’s Eve bonfire!


Lungta Lhamu: “I see fire was burning very slowly but was very red and heat. I see people dancing, joking, sleeping, and laughing.”


Sonam Chodron: “What I hear is Ma’am Gombu Lhamu saying that ‘Come, we will dance.’”

Tenzin Lhadron A: “I hear music and also I hear steps and washing utensils and hear people talking.”


Konchok Norbu: “I taste sweet because they bring tea.”


Sangey Ngodup: “I smell like today is very good food is making in kitchen.”

Mani Wangmu: “I smell ginger and food.”

Tenzin Norbu: “I smell fire the wood in outside.”

Tenzin Lhadron B: “I smell fire, food, and dusty soil.”


Shanti Tamang: “I feel that fire was so hot that night and air was so cold at that night.”

Dorjee Wangchu: “I feel very hot and warm and I feel that I’m is in heaven.”

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