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I’m so happy to read that Jhamtse Gatsal is broadening its experiential learning program. I love when perfect segues present themselves and I don’t have to come up with conceptual contortions to bring the conversation around to what I want to talk about; usually me and what I’m up to.

At the moment I’m gearing up to bring a big experiential learning project to the community.

My name is Kate, some of you may remember (here and here) that I came to Gatsal in the spring of 2013 to build a cob (earthen) oven. I admit that an oven is not the most practical appliance for a culture with no culinary tradition of baking. Fortunately, Gen la is a man of great vision and discernment. He recognized that cob could have other more sensible uses such as cheap, sustainable and beautiful housing.

He has invited House Alive, one of the most esteemed natural building teaching organizations in the States (and me) to come to Gatsal to teach the community how to build housing with cob. We’ll bring 8 apprentices from the States and Canada who’s fees will pay for our transportation and lodging at the community. We’ll all learn to build a lovely small house complete with plumbing and electric from ground up beginning Nov. 1st and ending Dec. 25th. Send positive vibes for mild weather, everyone!

We’d also like to pay some of the staff carpenters to work with us and raise seed money so that the community will have both the resources and know how to build for themselves when we go. To that end, I’ve launched a crowd sourced fund raising campaign.

I know that one of Gen la’s goal’s for the community is to become self reliant. Building with cob, made from the earth below their feet, not only brings Jhamtse Gatsal within grasping distance of that objective but also expands the community so that more needy kids can come to live in the Garden of Love and Compassion.

Please consider contributing if you can and share the campaign with your friends either way. Thanks.
Read more about it, and help us reach our goal on INDIGOGO

**Please note! Indiegogo (our fundraising platform) only accepts US currency. If you are donating outside the US, your credit card company will do the conversion but may charge a fee for the service. You should check with your card company before donating. To avoid the possibility of fees, you can contribute directly through the Jhamtse website, with a note that your donation is for the Earthen Building Campaign.

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2 Responses to Earthen Building Campaign

  1. Mark Foley says:

    Beautiful Kate! Thanks for sharing this inspiring news. I look forward to seeing the video and better yet seeing it for myself!
    Thanks again,

  2. Ed Kelly says:

    Hello Kate,
    As one of the early members of the JI board I have supported experiential learning and self sufficiency for JG above all else. I can’t thank you enough for your efforts. I hope the children, or at least the older ones in the student community will be intimately involved with the project.
    Many thanks,

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