Everybody is My Favourite Friend

Dorjee, superheroThis was my second visit to Jhamste Gatsal children community. We arrived in Guwahati with a plane together with my mum and dad and Judith. Dorjee picked us up at the airport. Dorjee is the driver of the school, he is a superhero. He can actually fly as you can see from this picture.

Seriously, maybe he cannot really fly but he can drive for the whole day without stopping. And the roads from Guwahati to gatsal are extremely bumpy and dangerous.

When we arrived on the camp, it was already dark but all the children were there to welcome us with flowers and signs. I was a little bit shy and my mum even cried!

In the next days we played badminton, volleyball, we made cookies and we brought loads of letters from Geneva and the children were really happy when they received them. When we left they gave us bracelets and little messages and drawings that we have hung up in our house.

Everybody is my favourite friend in Gatsal, and they feel good when they see me and I feel great because I get to play a lot and I feel always invited to play with them and we never argue.

I wish I could go back to Gatsal and bring my friends from Geneva with me!

Russell and JGCC friends

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