Fall Vacation Stories – Part 2

Short Stories of Fall Vacation, part two of five.

Dargey Phuntsok, Class VI

Dargey PhuntsokMe and my sister went to find wood. We took rope then we went to the jungle. Then me and my sister climbed in the tree. Then the rope fell down from the tree. Suddenly, I saw fruit. The color was green and rough and small and inside black seed and white. My mouth was watering. Its taste was sweet. It tasted like berry.

I asked my sister, “What is this?”

Then my sister said, “Fruit. Its name is ujungmrep.”

Then I climbed in the tree. I took one piece. Then I tasted it with a small, testing bite. It was sweet.

Then I climbed the tree. Then I took many ujungmrep. I put them in this Monpa bag.

When I climbed up, it was easy. When I came down, it was very hard, because I took so many ujungmrep. They were falling down from my bag, one after another.

Then I reached the ground and I picked up all the ujungmrep. They were all far away. They were under leaves and they fell in bushes and one of them was stuck in the tree; the stem was caught on a branch.

Then I went home. I showed to my father and my whole family.

They asked, “Where did you get them?”

“I got them from the top of the tree.”

We ate them together. Then my whole family said, “They are very sweet!”


Mani Wangmu, Class VII

Mani WangmuShort Vacation’s Story

I went to vacation and it had been 8 or 9 days since I went to vacation. At that time, we were making a cupboard and a bed. To make this bed and cupboard, we brought wood from far away jungle and we cut the wood and we attached the wood to each other and we made a cupboard and a bed. We ate food. The rice colour was red and it was Monpa rice. There was egg and chutney. Egg’s colours were yellow and white colours. It smelled like hen. The chutney was made by Monpa chili. Its colours were red and green. It was very tasty and I ate two plates of food. The bed was so big that two or three people can sleep together. Its colours were like our skin colours and black and brown colours. I learned how to make a bed and cupboard.

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