Fall Vacation Stories – Part 1

Here are some short stories that the kids wrote about their two-week fall vacation, and visiting their families. This is part one of five. Enjoy!

Tenzin Lhadron B, Class VII

Tenzin Lhadron BStory about Cucumber and Chutney

The wind was silent: woo… woo… The sun shone brightly. I woke up and the smell was tasty and smelly. I washed my face with hot, hot water and with new soap. It was pink in colour and it smelled like fresh rose and fresh lotus. I ran quickly inside and I asked to my mom, “What is it? It smells like yummy,” and my mom said to me, “First rub your face and put some cream. Then you will know what it is.” I put my cream very fast, then I went near to my mom. My mom said to me, “Surprise!” Then I opened my eyes brightly and it was cucumber and chutney which were mixed up together. We all began to eat it and it was so tasty. Then I said “yummy.”

Lungta Lhamu, Class VII

Lungta LhamuStory About When I Was In Tak-Tsang Gompa

I woke up at 6 o’clock and it was very cold and the morning was a little bit dark at Tawang. I woke up from my bed and when I put my leg on the floor it was very cold like ice. I ran fast to the kitchen and made a fire. While I was making the fire, first I put kerosene and I put wood which was very dry and again I put kerosene on top of the dry wood. The kerosene was smelling very good. I put a matchstick. When I put the matchstick, the fire came out very fast.

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  1. Sue says:

    Nice to hear the news directly from the children. They are so articulate. Thanks for sharing these stories.

  2. Jerry Zadow says:

    Skills in English, Bravo all round

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