Fall Vacation Stories – Part 3

Short stories of Fall Vacation, part three of five.

Dorjee Wangchu, Class VII

Dorjee WangchuGoing to Picnic

Early in the morning, at the 4am before the children are awake, it was very cold during the autumn season. Amala Yangzom (who takes care of us and she is also housemother of Ganglha) come by step by step. I was scared by hearing step. Slowly she knocks. At last I went, saying “Om mani padme hung” and I open the door; it was Amala Yangzom and she said, “Wake up, all the children.” I asked, “Why we are waking so early?” and she said, “Because today we are going to picnic.” I said, “Really?” Amala said, “Yes.” I brush my teeth and I dressed very nicely. I wore one jeans, t-shirt, one orange coat, and leather shoes. I was the first person who was ready; at last Vasudha came and said, “Nobody will go near the river.” All the children said, “Ok.” Then she said, “Now you can go.” All of the children take their own seat. I choose the seat near the driver. Then I said, “Vasudha, come and sit with me.” Vasudha said, “Just a moment.” I was waiting for her but nobody came in car where I choose. At last Vasudha was coming. I said to Vasudha, “Why all children are not coming in this car?” Vasudha said, “Because this car is not going.” I thought lucky turned into unlucky but finally I got again seat near the driver.

Shanti Tamang, Class VII

Shanti TamangAt Vacation Time

One morning when I was in my home, at that time the sun was bright and wind was cold and the day was nice. From Bomdir my sister did phone to my home. She said to us, “Who wants to go to gonpa with me?” I said, “I want to go to gonpa” and I woke up and went to wash my face and to wash my hair and to brush my teeth. When I finished washing my face, brushing my teeth, and washing my hair, then I came back to home and asked my older sister to “bring me clothes to wear,” but sister said, “I don’t have clothes to give you,” but at last she gave me her clothes and I wore the clothes. At that time my sister came from Bomdir and she was waiting for me. I was searching for my shoe. I saw my shoe but the shoe was not in proper. My lace was lost but at last I saw my lace and I said to my mom, “Put lace to my shoe,” and she put lace and I wore the shoe and went with my sister to Gonpa.

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