Fall Vacation Stories – Part 5

Short stories of Fall Vacation, part five of five.

Tenzin Lhadron A, Class VII

Tenzin Lhadron AOne afternoon when I was sleeping, I was sleeping from 2pm to 4pm. That time my poor and hard-worker and nice mother called me and said, “Here is someone’s call came in your black and pink colour of phone.” I woke up very quickly and I wore my upper parts clothes and in downwards I didn’t wear. I wore only one brown and yellow towel and I folded my blanket not nicely and I was looking so messy (dirty) but I thought I will fold my red and blue blanket after I will finish calling. I quickly opened my very old and black colour of door and ran inside the room where my mother was. That time the door was very small and I went inside. That time my head hit to the door and I felt a little scared and headache because I thought my mother would scold me and she would say, “You don’t have eyes to see properly,” but I thought inside it is my fault. I should run but I can bend a little bit down and I can go inside and suddenly I bent a little bit down and went inside the room where my mother was sitting. I ran quickly and said “Where?” My mother said, “I told lie to you because you were not waking up in time. You have to wake up.” Actually the moral of this story is we have to follow our rules.

Sonam Chodron, Class VII

Sonam ChodronShort Vacation Story

When I was in vacation, I missed my sister very much. I decided to go to Tawang to meet my sister and I went in a car. The car’s colour was white and it looked like small. I opened the window and wind came and it blew my hair and it was very cold. Suddenly the car stopped in Lula. I got carsick and it was very bad sick and I thought I will never reach in Tawang and I came outside of the car. I saw my friend Pamiling was coming near me and she saw me and I also saw her and she asked me that “Where are you going?” and I said, “Actually, I thought that I will go to Tawang and meet my sister and because of very bad carsick I came outside of the car and I thought I will never reach in Tawang.” And my friend Pamiling said, “Come, we will go to my house,” and we were walking road by road and telling a story about a ghost and suddenly we reached Pamiling’s house and I rested a little bit. After that I watched movie about snake. It was a nice day. THE END.

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