Field Trip to Tawang

Buddha statue at the Tawang Monaster, India.

Last week classes 5, 6, and 7 visited the Tawang Monastery. At that time, Gen Sangpo told us how to spin the prayer wheels and circle the monastery. When we entered inside the monastery we also had to prostrate. We saw the statue of Buddha and other holy beings. Gen La explained to us about other holy beings and the Buddha. Gen Sangpo also explained the cycle of existence.

by Rinchen Dorjee, class 6 // translated by Namgey Chodron ‘A’, class 9

Explaining a Buddhist wall mural at the Tawang Monastery, India.

When I went to Manjushree, I saw that there were more than 200 students. I saw there were some students who were blind or had no hands or their legs were not working right. I went to the girls hostel and the boys hostel and thought that they boy’s was cleaner. I liked the school’s decoration and painting and building design. I thought our campus is more clean than theirs. I saw the office and if was very neat and clean. When I saw blind students and the ones with no hands, I felt sad. I liked the trip because I saw another school. It was my first time visiting there. I like going outside to learn about others. I learned so many things.

by Dorjee Wangchu, class 7 // translated by Rinchen Lhamu, class 9

Spinning ancient prayer wheels at the Tawang Monastery, India.

Tashi Delek. Before, last weekend, Gen Sangpo took class 5, 6, and 7 on a trip. Before the trip I I heard about the Urgelling Gonpa, but I had never been. At that time, Gen Sangpo told us that Urgelling Gonpa is the birthplace of His Holiness the 6th Dalai Lama. We learned that when he was going back to Tibet he put his walking stick at Urgelling Gonpa and said that it will grow into a big tree and when the branches touch the gonpa he will come back once again to the Mon region. His Holiness came to the Mon region in 2009, and the branches were touching — so whatever he says comes true.

by Sonam Lhamu, class 5 // translated by Pema Drolma ‘A’, class 9

Doing schoolwork on a field trip to Tawang.

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5 Responses to Field Trip to Tawang

  1. Laurel Lhowe says:

    So lovely and holy! This is a wonderful class trip.

  2. Jerry Zadow says:

    Thank you so much, Rinchen, Dorjee and Sonam, wonderful. It felt almost like I was with you. wonderful,

  3. Sabyasachi says:

    ohhhh my all darlings are really writing well :) love you soooo much…

    & nonetheless thanks a ton gyen Sangpo :)

    miss you & all others badly

  4. Suzanne Bader says:

    Well done children …I am so happy you could visit all this wonderful places…
    I wished I was with you there…
    Thank’s to Sangpo and Gen Lobsang that they told you about the history.That’s wonderful!
    See you soon at Jhamtse !
    love you all

  5. Grace says:

    I enjoyed all of your descriptions of your field trip. I was also impressed by how well you are writing English. Isn’t it wonderful to see new places and learn their history?

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