Happy Thanksgiving from Jhamtse Gatsal!

jhamtse thanksgiving

As he bid us farewell last week, Dr. Frank told us we were “richest place on Earth.” What did he mean?

Tenzin Norbu

Doctor Frank called us the “richest place on Earth” because our place is so nice and also is a place where love and wisdom are here. In Jhamtse Gatsal School, Genla and amalas also care for us. And also we never see a place like our school.

Konchok Norbu

He means that in our school the children help each other and also they share knowledge to each other. And our school is in top of mountains.

Mani Wangmu

In my opinion it means that here at Jhamtse are full of mountains, and the members of Jhamtse are kind, love, and take a good care of each other. It is the most harmoniest place. Whenever people come, they love our school.

Shanti Tamang

He means that he gets love and care from us and he loves this place. We care for each other and we are like a family. When people come to our school as volunteers, they live as one family with our school.

Warm wishes from all of us here at Jhamtse!
Some posters by the kids greeted us over breakfast this morning:

jhamtse thanksgiving poster

jhamtse thanksgiving poster

By lunch, a flock of feathered friends from Kindergarten had joined in the decoration:

kg turkey decorations

kg turkey decorations - Lobsang Tsering

kg turkey decorations - Tashi Drolma

Finally, a few Class 8 students do a bit of creative writing on the prompt of gratitude:

jhamtse thanksgiving writing

jhamtse thanksgiving writing

jhamtse thanksgiving writing

jhamtse thanksgiving writing

jhamtse thanksgiving writing

jhamtse thanksgiving writing

All of us here at Jhamtse extend our deepest gratitude and wishes for a warm holiday season to all the members of our vast family across the globe. Thank you for your overwhelming support, encouragement, and care. Today, together, we have so much to be thankful for.

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  1. Laurel Lhowe says:

    I wish the world could be infused with the kind hearts of all at Jhamtse Gatsal.

  2. Hansie armour says:

    Love reading the inspiring messages thoughts and creative thoughts from your students!!!!
    Look forward to receiving and following your website and face book
    Good wishes to you al

  3. Susan Fronckowiak says:


  4. Sylvie guichard says:

    Thank you so much for all your kindness, it is a real pleasure to be part of such a wonderful family.
    Best wishes,

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