Happy Thanksgiving, part II!

…And here are some responses to a “What are you thankful for?” opener, by Classes VI and VII.

Sangey Ngodup

I am thankful for staff and teacher and Genla.

Tenzin Norbu

Thank you for our community help me to share the knowledge and care for me.

Yeshi Lhamu

I am thankful for our Genla and all the staff of Jhamtse Gatsal and also our sponsor.

Dargey Phuntsok

In my life I get happy that I get chance to learn.

Gombu Tsering

We will thanks to Genla, staff, teachers, and amalas, volunteers, and all part of Jhamtse Gatsal.

Sonam Chodron

I want to thankful for teachers, amalas, and all the staff because teachers share knowledge for all students and I thankful for amalas that they take care for us and all staff they think for us.

Tenzin Lhadron A

I am thankful for all the members of this community because they let us to come here and get knowledge or learn something new.

Lungta Lhamu

I am thankful for sharing knowledge with us and showing the road for our future.

Shanti Tamang

I will thank for teaching us and sharing us which we don’t know.

Tsering Chodron

I am thankful for our Genla and all the staff of Jhamtse Gatsal that you give such nice opportunity to study.

Tsering Gombu

We thanks to Genla. We give something to Genla.

Maling Yangchen

I think I will say to Genla to Thanksgiving day. And I will say to another people to say Thanksgiving day.

Rinchen Dorjee

Thankful to Genla for peace, love, and kind.

Tenzin Lhadron B

I’m thankful for staff, and all in the world.

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  1. Jerry & Gaby says:

    Wow, and we are thankful for all you do at Jhamtse Gatsal

    with love and thanks

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