Holi Extreme

Yesterday morning, the Class VIII students kicked off the day with some creative writing, prompted to pick one moment from our Holi festivities the day before and add as many details as they could to make it come to life. Here are a few of their stories!

Phurpa Lhamu

Yesterday me, Tenzin Drolma ‘B,’ Namgey ‘B’ and Amala Yangzom were hiding in the cow’s kitchen. And then Amala Yangzom said, “If we will hide here, other people will see us and it is better to escape from here and hide in my house.” Me and Tenzin opened the door, holding one cup of tea, and we ran to the green house. At that time, up the road, other staff and chidren were screaming and we went to the guest house and locked the door and hid behind the door. Tenzin ‘B’ went to the window and closed the curtain and watched what other people were doing. Tenzin came to the door and we saw Namgey escaped.

Tenzin Drolma ‘B’

Yesterday I was hiding in the guest house. In that house I was having tea with khabse. For a long time we waited and we watched other people. At that time, we saw Madam Sandy running after Gen Sangpo and Gen Sangpo’s T-shirt was wet so he was showing that they got him. We waited in that house for a long time. When Namgey B was running, we saw her and my friend was calling from the window and I called her from the door. Suddenly Pema saw me and she told to other people and they came outside of the guest room and we were very scared and after that they called for Vasudha Madam and we decided to hide in the ceiling and also we decided to escape from the window. But when we went near the window Spencer was there, so we didn’t go out from the window. Vasudha Madam said to come outside. “You have to!” I said to put a little. And she promised to put a little and I opened the door and she put very little and Spencer came and said “I didn’t say I will put a little!” and he put holi on me.

Tenzin Lhamu

Yesterday I hid in the toilet. Suddenly I saw Namgey, Tsandang and Pema. They also came to hide but they had holi. They three put holi on me in my face. When I came to the house suddenly brother Rajib came nearby. I hid under the bed. In five minutes, I went to Maling’s house and we two went to the toilet. When we looked at Dorjee Norbu, Maling laughed too much because Dorjee Norbu was dancing. Dorjee knew that we were in the toilet. They came to the toilet but we hid in Maling’s house. The did not see us. We were safe from the boys.

Rinchen Drolma

Yesterday at holi me and Tsering Wangmo hid under the construction. Rajib Brother came running under the construction. He had no colour on his body and he was trying to escape. He said, “You two will not play holi?” We two said “No, we will not play holi.” Rajib said, “We three will escape together, ok?” We two said, “ok.” Then he rushed up to the ground. After 30 minutes Rajib Brother came with Sir Lham Dorjee and some boys. Rajib came from the east side, Sir Lham Dorjee came from the west side, and the boys came from the upper side. There were no ways to escape but down there was jungle, so Tsering Wangmo rushed to the jungle but Sir Lham Dorjee put holi on me.

Raju Kumar

Yesterday when I was running I was feeling like I was running alone. But when I tried to feel myself it was like a film, like cameras were moving with my body. I was very excited to play but I was thinking that this game will finish very soon. But still I said to myself that the fun things come only sometimes so after that I started to play.

Kangyur Sangpo

Yesterday was Holi and Sir Spencer was trying to put water on me but I ran away and Spencer chased me and he didn’t catch me but suddenly I forgot that Spencer was trying to put water on me and he picked me up and Sangey Tsering put water on me and then I got wet and I felt very cold. And they all went to Pasang’s house and they were trying to put holi and also they were trying to open the door. Suddenly Sir Spencer said to get the screwdriver and Raju went to get the screwdriver and we were trying to open the window of Pasang’s house and suddenly we opened the door and we put the holi and water on people.

Langa Tsering

Yesterday was Holi. First I went to Pasang’s house. We were four people in Pasang’s house. I was a little bit scared that someone would come and put holi on me. I thought that I didn’t want to play holi but suddenly all people came near Pasang’s house and they started to shout, “Come out.” We didn’t come out and then they pushed the door and Spencer Sir held my hand and they put water on me and holi also. Then they went to put holi on other people. Then I took a bath and I ate lunch.

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  2. Holi looks like so much fun!

  3. Vasudha says:

    It is great fun! You need to plan a trip to Gatsal in March to enjoy the festivities. Ask Michelle :)

  4. sabyasachi says:

    colors galore !!!

    wish i were there as a part of it

  5. Bill says:

    Nice to see a post from Sandy Wood (TEACHER). Thanks for collecting the children’s stories

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