Jhamtse Blanket Now Several Times More Snugglable!

One lazy, rainy vacation afternoon, Sanjay and Abhijit pay me a visit. Eager for a project, we wind up sewing on some recently received rectangles to the ever-expanding Jhamtse Community Blanket, started back in 2011 and product of the amalgamated efforts of many sponsors and students here and abroad. With the last wave of sponsor letters, some families had included some new patches for the marvelously mosaicked collaboration, and today the kids excited to weave them into the growing fibrous network.
Sanjay Kumar, JG blanket 2011
Sanjay, who always stays at school during his vacations, has been sewing pieces like these together since his nimble fingers were half their current size. Abhijit, his young apprentice, just joined the school this year, the son of the community’s new carpenter. It was very neat to watch Sanjay show him, quite literally, the ropes.

The best part was when Tenzin Drolma A showed up at our window with tree thoughtful cups of surprise, steaming chai, just as we settled down to Pixar’s “Up,” beaming and cozy in the wake of brilliant accomplishment, to give the widening warmer-upper a thorough test run.
Jhamtse Blanket

Jhamtse Blanket

Jhamtse Blanket

Jhamtse Blanket

Jhamtse Blanket

Jhamtse Blanket
Any sponsors and supporters interested in contributing to the growing web are very much invited to knit or crochet rectangles, approximately 7×9” in size, which can be parceled with sponsor letters, or collected at PO Box 652, Acton, MA 01720 in the interim until a volunteer is able to carry them over.

Thanks, everyone, for all the love and compassion you’ve poured into the project so far! =)


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3 Responses to Jhamtse Blanket Now Several Times More Snugglable!

  1. Laurel says:

    So big and beautiful. By the time it is done perhaps every student at JGCC will fit underneath the blanket!

  2. MammaLamma says:

    I’m excited to gather some rectangles, 7×9, and bring them to you in just 84 days.

  3. WOW – it’s getting big and so is Sanjay. Great project.

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