Library Update

Jhamtse Gatsal has been incredibly lucky to have many generous sponsors supporting the establishment and growth of our school library.

This year, upon returning, I was able to bring back several suitcases of new books, selected particularly according to students’ requests: continuations of a beloved series, ghost stories, favorite authors, graphic novels, literature on a variety of topics and at a variety of levels as required by our diverse and developing readers!

Here are a few overdue pictures of its grand re-opening in May, having been freshly catalogued and shifted to a new and energetically decorated location (brightened by two walls of windows and solar power for the winter evenings!), followed by a few pieces of student writing on the topic that have emerged during our poetry sessions throughout the semester.

(We certainly do!)

With deepest of thanks,

2016 library update

The first day of school (and the last day things were ever so pristine)

2016 library update

Sixth graders excited about the new blackboard wall in our first class meeting of the year

2016 library update


2016 library update


2016 library update

The English classroom and library during evening Independent Time

2016 library update

Tsering Gombu and Tsangpa Tashi explore the non-fiction shelf

2016 library update

Students gathered in the reading nook enjoy their favorite graphic novels

2016 library update

Tsering Lhadron A’s reading journal

Oh Book!
by Lobsang Dadron, Class 7

Oh Book! What a book are you.
Everybody come on let’s read the book.
What a magical beach are there full of animal.
It’s maybe animal beach.
See the elephant is flying.
Oh, the cow is wearing a glass and singing.
The fish had come out from the water.
What a horse,
It is walking like us.
Gorilla is surfing in water.
All the animals are enjoying the magical beach.
Oh! Book what a book are you.
I can’t tell what a book are you.

My Secret
by Dawa Chodron, Class 7

Come here Hassain
I’ll tell about book.
When we read book
We go to another place
And become the main character
We are one who protect
the world in the book.
If we are boring then
we read book then in
the book we are doing anything.
In book you fight to your enemy.

When we read story book
We feel like we are in
Heaven and enjoying ourself.

Come here Hassain
Come with me
And read a story book.

by Sonam Lhamo, Class 7




by Dorjee Yangki, Class 7

I have been,
talking very loudly
but they need
me to be silent.

They were reading
very quietly
in the big

Please forgive me
that I have broken
your dreams in

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  1. Beezy says:

    I can’t wait to see your beautiful library. Do people write new things on the blackboard wall all the time? Do teachers write, or only students?

    Do you have a system for checking books out of the library to read in your free time?

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