Mountain Climbing Excursion

mountain boys

Sangey: On the 30th November we went to hiking on the mountains. At that time I felt very happy because I like to go to the mountains.

Heather: The mountain we chose to hike is called Choep Che. It is the one directly above Lumla (so we can see the peak from campus), and there is a nice little monastery on the way up. I knew it would take some planning and convincing, so all the kids who were interested in going (ALL the class 8 & 9 students) got together to make plans and work through all the logistics. We ended up putting together an 8-page proposal for Gen La, complete with maps and packing lists, and he approved our plan. Woohoo! (I love hiking in the mountains too!)

Sangey: I woke up very early in the morning. And got ready to go. Some other children are up already and prepared our lunch foods.

Heather: I had assigned Tsangdang Lhamu to be in charge of a food team, and she came through beautifully. We cooked a big pot of fried rice to bring with us, and packed it in plastic bags. We also had a pile of snacks and juice, and everyone divvied everything up to carry in individual backpacks.

Rinchen: The wind was blowing, it was dark and I had already packed my clothes in my bag. I drank 2 cups of tea and we left our school at 4:30 and we reached Lumla at 5:00 and started walking.

Sangey: Me and Langa went with Dakpa. The sumo was not starting because the engine was very cold and we pushed it down the road and again the start was not coming. Then we called to Dorjee. When he came, then the sumo started. We all went.

Heather: We got off to a great start, from Lumla, in the dark. The kids were so happy. The ones who didn’t have their own packs took turns with the others. Someone even carried my backpack full of snacks and extra warm layers so that I could just carry Kai tied to my back!

Sangey: When we reach the Lumla I carried Heather mam bag. Then I feel very hungry. Not I only, some others are also hungry.

Rinchen: I walked from the forest and after some time most of us were tired, and looked hungry. We took a rest for a while in the forest and Spencer and Heather madame gave us some snacks to eat but I didn’t feel ok.

Sangey: In the middle of the jungle we forgot where is the road. Then we came back and we went a different way. And we reached the mountain.

Heather: It was really cool in the jungle. We were in the middle of a cloud and all the trees looked so ancient the way they were covered with moss and hanging lichens. Also, we went through this really great bamboo forest when we took the wrong path, and all the kids were saying that we might see a red panda. I’m glad we got lost for a minute.

Rinchen: I was feeling tired and very hungry. At last we got to the top of the mountain which was 14,000 feet high. I didn’t feel hungry when I got there at the top of the mountain. We saw a beautiful lake which was in a heart shape.

Sangey: We played, went to search for incense sticks and burned them. We saw snow, also we saw a small lake. The lake color was black. We were taking pictures lots. Then we came back to the top and ate lunch; the lunch was very tasty. Then we enjoy lots of relaxing and playing and singing. And we came back to Jhamtse Gatsal School.

Rinchen: We took pictures and we ate lunch at 12 o’clock, and we came back to our Community, Jhamtse Gatsal.

Heather: After carrying so much food up with us and eating it, I thought we would have empty packs coming back down the mountain. But no, of course, the kids and teachers used every available place to stuff things for gathering and carrying various bits of nice-smelling shrubs to dry and use for incense. They also collected many medicinal herbs on the way down and wild blueberries to share with the other children at the community. We hiked all the way home to the Jhamtse Gatsal, and all arrived happy, hungry, tired and with sore muscles just as it was getting dark. What a great day!

Sangey: This was the planning of Heather maam, Spence sir and Liza maam. I would like to say very thank you so much, you care of us. Also maam Deki. I hope we go again next year. I hope we will go again in the mountain with all the Jhamtse family together. We enjoyed it lots.

view from the top

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  1. Laurel Lhowe says:

    This looks like it was a wonderful excursion. So nice to see the students looking fit and hardy…staff, too!

  2. Jerry Zadow says:

    Wow. Omigosh, I am so jealous, and so happy you all did that. Thanks for sharing this; thanks to Sangey, Rinchen, Heather, Spence, Kai — all you wonderful big kids

    love, Jerry

  3. Romina says:

    This is awesome!!! im so happy that you guys that the opportunity to do this!!! im sure you all had so much fun! this reminded me our little walks to the villages with some of you! thanks for sharing the experience, great pictures!!

    miss you all!!!!

  4. Mira says:

    What a fantastic hike. I wish I was there with you. Thumbs up to all the children, especially Kai! and the staff too. Love

  5. Ada Woolston says:

    That is a lot of climbing! Congratulations.
    Thanks for sharing all those wonderful pictures and the stories.

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