Mountain to Mountain

Here’s some wonderful news from very talented director, Andrew Hinton, after the screening of his movie on Jhamtse Gatsal, Tashi and the Monk, at the Mountainfilm festival in Telluride, Colorado, USA, last weekend. The movie is a product of insightful discussions and many belaboured hours of work by Andrew and his friend, Johnny Burke (and others around the world), with support from our very own Community members and volunteers. Words cannot express our gratitude to Andrew and Johnny for so beautifully capturing the essence of Gatsal. Here’s to many more screenings to spread the love that flows freely at Jhamtse Gatsal!

Hi Everyone,

After a wonderful weekend in the mountains of Telluride where the film was screened 4 times to sold out audiences in an amazing theater which held 500+ people I am on my way back to Denver airport with not one but two prizes for the film!!!

We won the Moving Mountains Award!!! This means $3000 for Jhamtse!!!


This $3,000 prize goes to a nonprofit featured in a film at the festival. Judges watch the nominated films and examine the mission of each organization, considering its scope, impact and need.

We also won the Indomitable Spirit Award!!!

2. 2014 NORMAN VAUGHAN INDOMITABLE SPIRIT AWARDThe great polar explorer Norman Vaughan was a friend to Mountainfilm whose motto was “Dream big and dare to fail.” Funded by his widow Carolyn Muegge-Vaughan and Rick and Lindsey Silverman, this award is given to a film that epitomizes Vaughan’s indomitable spirit.

We all deserve a huge collective pat on the back!!!

Very best,



And Gen la’s response on hearing this news:

“I am going to resign as Director of the Community. I am famous now!” :)

Here’s a short clip from the movie until you can see the full-length feature:

Tashi & The Monk Excerpt from Pilgrim Films on Vimeo.

Find more film info on the official Tashi and the Monk website.
Keep connected by liking the Tashi and the Monk Facebook page.

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8 Responses to Mountain to Mountain

  1. Rishi says:

    Great News and great work andrew and johnny. @Genla let me be your agent here at Bollywood :) haha…
    Big hug to everyone at Gatsal..Miss you all.


  2. Laurel Lhowe says:

    This is just the most wonderful news first shaed this Wednesday at our sangha gathering. I look forward to hearing how and when the film will be available so we can all enjoy it. Andrew and John, thank you so much for making the film and spreading the word about JGCC!

  3. Sumit says:

    Amazing news. When can we see the whole feature film?

  4. Jerry says:

    What a wonderful world you all have created, and how amazing that Andrew and Johnny captured it on film

    Thank you, thank you

  5. Maggie Paul says:

    So nostalgic even this excerpt makes me feel. Feel like the video captures the essence of life at Jhamtse…that truly sets it apart! :)

  6. sabyasachi says:

    aahhhhh !!!! felling like truly blessed !!

    when we can see the whole film ??? eagerly waiting….

    love you all…. love you gyen la

  7. Madhu Mehta says:

    Waiting eagerly for the whole film….bcoz this is a heavenly place for me whese Gods and Godess themselves serve for needy kids….
    As I never say anything lie
    I’ll love to everyone at JGCC
    Till I’m alive, Till I’m alive

  8. Wendy says:

    Such a beautiful and moving film; a true jem. The entire film was shown at the Banff Film Festival Tour in Great Falls, Montana and will continue to be shown around the world in approximately 400 communities in the US, Canada and internationally.

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