New Construction Nearly Finished

Originally posted on Beezy ‘s Facebook page, and shared with her permission.

new construction

It’s amazing what the children and staff of Jhamtse Gatsal accomplish. With the help of one mason and a carpenter, they have nearly finished construction of a 2-story brick and cement building that now houses 8 staff members, will have a room for a staff kitchen and lounge on the lower level, and will have a large gathering room for assemblies, yoga, workshops, etc., and a couple of badly needed offices on the upper floor. Like almost all buildings here, it is constructed with the upper level opening off of the leveled area on the sharp Himalayan ridge, and the lower level, not as deep as the upper level, built into the hillside. The upper level will have large windows facing both south, across the Tawang River toward Bhutan, and north, toward Chinese Tibet. The lower level faces north. On a clear day you can see snow-covered peaks in both directions. The building will have traditional Tibetan decorative features, with painting done by the children.

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