“Smile and say ‘predicate nominative!’”

This is what that prompt yielded:

Sangey Yudron, Lobsang Yudron, Tashi Lhamu A

after which I just stuck to “Avatar” as an alternative.

In other words, here are some gems of the kids being over-the-line, but-seriously-tone-it-down-a-notch-guys, probably-actually-what-broke-my-camera-screen adorable in between runs of shooting sponsor portraits on their way out of lunch the other day. (You may need to take a minute here to prepare yourselves emotionally.) (Okay, I hope you’re ready.)


Best friends and certified hams Tenzin Drolma C and Kopila Thapa (“Gungun”)


Preschool students Lobsang Tsering, Tashi Drolma, and Maling Tashi, rocking versatile employment of the otherwise classic peace sign


Big brother Langa Tsering with Tashi Lhamu A, here accurately portrayed as airplane hybrid, most likely jet-fueled


Sangey Yudron and Tashi Lhamu A, preparing for serious and successful careers as societally-boggling conceptual artists


Sangey Yudron and Tashi Lhamu A sending all the love

Out of this world, as per usual,

<3 sandy

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  1. Jerry says:

    So much fun, thank you Sandy. But smiling and saying “predicate nominative” to the children sort of makes my head explode

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