Republic Day Outing

Here in India, we celebrate the 26th of January as Republic Day every year. So, with the grades 5-9 and staff, we decided to go for an outing on Republic Day to Lumla Ground (a place where cultural shows, parades & sports events are held). The kids were super-duper excited to hear the news. So, with Genla’s ok, our trip to Lumla started after breakfast. The car had to take two trips to drop the kids, and some of our staff and kids also decided to walk up.

I was on the first trip with the younger kids. We reached there at the correct time as the parade was about to start. The ground was crowded with lots of people with colourful traditional dresses, kids from different schools and many shops were also set up by the local people. We all took our seats, and some of the younger kids who wanted to get a better view were seated on the front row. People were cheering and clapping for the cultural troupes. Even our kids were not far behind to join them in cheering and clapping. After the cultural show, it was time for the sports event. Most of our kids were excited to participate. We encouraged them by saying “winning is not important, but participating means alot.” As the time was coming to a close, all the kids set out to buy things with the pocket money we gave them, and also they were practicing bargaining with the shopkeepers. At least they were enjoying to the fullest.

As the programme was coming to an end, so the crowds started to disappear. And also our turn to disappear…hahaha (just kidding). We planned that we will walk down singing and dancing our way back to Jhamtse Gatsal “Our Home! Our Community!”

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  1. Mark Foley says:

    Sounds like a fun day. Thanks for sharing this story.

  2. Jerry says:

    Thanks, Liza, happy the kids got to take part

    All best,

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