School Break Building Projects

The campus is humming like a hive of bees. Staff and students, Amalas and teachers, masons and carpenters are working hard on several projects, while Jhamtse Gatsal is mostly quiet during the winter school break. Here are a few things we’ve been doing:

Laundry Area: The laundry area is being expanded with a new design and improved setup. It will soon be a wall about six to eight feet high that will hold the water tanks up top and a cement pad area that is about 5 meters x 6 meters, where the clothes of the community can be washed and scrubbed.

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Vermicomposting: The construction of a large vermicomposting pen was completed this week. It is an area covered by a roof about 1.5 x 4 meters, and divided into two boxes. The walls are made of stone and cement. The top of the walls have a moat that is 10cm wide and 5cm deep, which will be filled with water to keep ants out of the compost. The worms will have plenty of space to be happy and go to work.

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Kitchen Yard: Some work has also happened by the kitchen, where a couple retaining walls were reconstructed to ensure that they do not fall down. An area was prepared to extend one of the kitchen walls in the future, and the area in front of the kitchen was leveled in hopes that grass will begin to grow now that the spring is starting.

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Administration Building: There is continued work on the new building that will hold administration offices, teacher work space, social gathering space, and staff & guest housing. The carpenters have been working with several students, chiseling and sawing by hand to carefully fashion some amazing trusses that will support the new roof.

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Much progress is being made. It is amazing to see the teamwork and the enjoyment of work. The staff are all multi-talented. The kids are learning some great skills. All are having a good time in the process.

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4 Responses to School Break Building Projects

  1. Laurel Lhowe says:

    It is so nice to see all the progress. I am wondering what happened to the wood carving of the dragon that was along the wall on the way to the kitchen? It was so cool and I hope it gets a new place of honor. The ad building is really coming along and the worms have a nice place to live in the vermiculture area. It is so nice to see all the familiar faces. Love to all, Laurel

  2. Jerry Zadow says:

    Spence, really amazing. First pictures I have seen of the new building, the composting shed is impressive and the new washing area — all really big jobs. Thanks so much for the pics and the reporting

    All best, all love to all

  3. WOW – great progress with all those building projects. It’s great to be kept up to date as to what’s going on – thank you for sharing all the pictures and ongoing activities. I saw so many familiar faces.

  4. HeatherB says:

    Ah. The dragon has an even more esteemed spot now, right in front of the kitchen. The kids love to play on him!

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