Song of the Moon: A Poem

Class IX recently enjoyed exploring Kahlil Gibran’s “Song of the Rain.” Below, savor an equally artful and poignant interpretation by our very own Pema Drolma ‘A:’
Song of the Moon

Photo by Volunteer Tori


Song of the Moon

by Pema Drolma ‘A’


I am a non-luminous clock
All alone in the busy sky
I am a circular mirror
Which reflects the light of emotions

When the whole world sleeps
I stay awake and wish
Good night with full of love
But only the sensitive can understand

I always want to appear
But my way is blocked with cloud
Which makes me disappear
Sadly, I can’t come regularly

I am like a bodyguard
Protecting the whole world
From the great darkness
In the absence of sun

I see everything going on
Rich ones enjoying their power
Poor family sleeping empty stomachs
Which breaks my heart apart.


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6 Responses to Song of the Moon: A Poem

  1. Laurel Lhowe says:

    Just beautiful, as is the photograph…the work of two artists.

  2. Jerry & Gaby says:

    Omigosh, Sandy. Pema la, what a jewel

  3. Bill Seaver says:


  4. Eric Twickler says:

    Pema Drolma perhaps you are the moon shinning in the night sky! Jai Bhagwan!

  5. sabyasachi says:

    Pema….take a bow !!

  6. Jerry & Gaby says:

    Amazing, Pema, a brilliant metaphor, you and the moon. Keep writing

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