Surprise Travelers from Spain

We are happy to share our experience:

We met a guy named Adam, in Nepal, who told us about this Community. Noe, being a teacher, was very interested in visiting it. We didn’t have the number or email to contact the school, so we decided to try and go there with nothing to guide us except the story that Adam told us in Kathmandu. As you know, there isn’t an easy way to arrive there. But we did: after 14 hours in a jeep, one night in Tawang, one day of research about the school by speaking with people and 2 more hours in a sumo… we arrived!!

Of course, no one was waiting for us, because nobody knew that we were coming. The first people we met were Heather and Deki. They showed us where we could leave our stuff in a beautiful room (the guesthouse). We were very luck to arrive there, but at the same time we were very unlucky because it was the last day for the children before their holidays, at least for half of them.

I’m a Magician, so we decided to perform a show the same night we arrived. What a wonderful experience! The real show was for me: to see all the children sitting in front of me watching curiously what was going on, enjoying the art of magic, being respectful through everything. To tell you the truth I was afraid that they would not understand my English. They did so well. I’ve been performing magic for ten years and I can say that this has been my most respectful and pure-hearted audience in as many years. The kids did not scream and did not disturb one another like in many schools where I’ve performed. The teachers didn’t need to hover over them, making them behave.

The children have a very strong concept of living in a Community. After that magic show, we stayed one more month trying to help and enjoying life in the mountains with the rest of the people that didn’t leave for vacation. They have given us something special. We learned so many things. And it’s interesting because with every day that passes, we realize how much we gained from being there. We were luck to celebrate the Tibetan New Year and all the tradition around that event with them.

It has been great to see that a society like this is possible. Everyone helps everyone. For us, it has been an amazing experience to come to know about this project. We enjoyed speaking with the other volunteers about life and many other things. And especially with the children, who were so curious about many, many, many things. They are hungry for wisdom. They treated us as friends, and a friend is the best thing that we have won there.

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2 Responses to Surprise Travelers from Spain

  1. Jerry says:

    Amazing, how people hear of and find our magical community. A nun and artist, Sister Mary Corita, wrote: “to believe in god is to know that there will be wonderful surprises” Thanks to Jordi and Noelia, thanks for this welcoming Garden

  2. Mark Foley says:

    Can’t top what Jerry said so I’ll roger that!

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