Tawang Fest Treasure Hunt

The Tawang Festival is celebrated in Tawang District of Arunachal Pradesh every year; it is where every part of Arunachal shows their unexplored culture. Arunachal is enriched by very rich culture, but due to lack of transportation and communication with other parts of country, its culture remains unexplored. So to explore the culture of the state, Arunachalee people celebrate this festival. It is a means to explore their culture.

This year, Tawang Festival was celebrated on the 22nd of October. For this festival, the Deputy Commissioner of Tawang asked us to organize a game. We were very glad to organize the game called “Treasure Hunt.” This was the game where we created some clues and also some puzzles to find the way to reach the final destination, which was near the Tawang Monastery. The game started at around 2pm from the main festival ground and finished at the same place at 4pm after crossing all the clues and puzzles. We kept the clues at eleven stations and in each station we kept volunteers who gave the clues for next station.

There were 16 participants from various schools. All the volunteers were from the Environmental Protection Society group, and they were quite cooperative. After the game, we introduced our Cafe Nirvana and called for a musical evening, but the participants were so tired that they couldn’t come. No matter, the cafe was still packed that night with musicians and audience, for a successful open-mic night.

Jerry sir, Craig sir, Liza and I actively participated to organize this game successfully.

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More photos and writing about Tawang Festival can be found on the EPS Greenheads’ Facebook page.

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  1. Jerry says:

    Tashi la, Tashi Delek, many thanks and all love and wishes for 2014

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