Teacher’s Reflections on Michelle’s Training Workshop

Here’s what the teachers have to say on the month-long training sessions with Michelle Madam…

Commentary from the Gatsal teachers, in Tibetan on Michelle's recent teaching workshops.

Didn’t get any of that?…well, here’s the translation :)

Tashi Delek! For the last month, we have had a teaching workshop at Gatsal conducted by Michelle La. I really liked this year’s workshop for two reasons. For one, I was able to learn and better understand the teaching styles we currently use with the children and those that we need to prepare our children for the 21st century. Being a language teacher, I knew we had to pay a lot of attention to reading and writing, but thanks to Michelle La’s workshop I now know how to teach and assess these skills better. For another, this workshop has helped me to better align my teaching to the vision and mission of Jhamtse Gatsal of developing Intelligent Minds because the world and the centuries will keep changing and Jhamtse Gatsal has to change with the times.

I am truly impressed with all that I have learned. Many thanks to Michelle La for taking the time to do this with us.

— Tsetan Sangpo, Bhoti (Tibetan) teacher

Yes, I am a teacher right now and being a teacher is different to being a student. I know that it is very hard to understand this feeling if someone hasn’t experienced it. After completing all the education I received to become a teacher and here I am again as a student as part of this month-long training organized by Michelle. I feel so overwhelmed (in a good way) about being a teacher as well as a student this time, but not just philosophically in that everybody is a student forever.

This is the second time that Michelle has come here to train us and we can’t express our appreciation in words. What I personally feel is that we are growing as a community and we are so concerned for our children that they learn in the best possible environment, with the best technologies and enjoy the teaching methodologies, which not even the best education systems in India or anywhere in the globe can offer. I feel very fortunate to have access through Michelle to see an educational model with such a professional approach and with the most fun methodologies.

At the start of the classes, Michelle brought some words for us which were new for us, like Rubric. We thought that they were going to be very difficult to understand and grasp them, but that never really happened. As the topic of this workshop was Assessment, we learned a lot of things in this workshop, like the tools, techniques and ways to assess our children which are really stress free in many terms.

The most amazing thing about the workshop is that we didn’t learn just the theories; we learned it by doing. We were divided as groups and worked on different topics. These practical exercises definitely became part of our long-term memory.

Rubrics and portfolios were definitely amazing new concepts which we learned and they are no so hard, in fact they make our work easy as well as that of our children, while we do our assessments.

We are still in the process of learning more things. Tomorrow’s topic is Standardized Tests and I am very excited to learn about them…

— Ghanshyam Kumar, Hindi teacher

The teacher training is very helpful for me. It gives me good and easy ideas to assess our children as well as myself. Michelle Madam’s observation of my class was also very helpful for me. Thanks to her suggestions and ideas, I can handle my class better. I would like to have her training (teaching) more in my future.

— Minoti Singha, Grades 1–2 Class teacher

Points concerning Michelle’s approach to training teachers:   1. Very well organized   2. Clear descriptions regarding subjects she taught   3. Patient yet able to be assertive in situations where conversation or topic was become off track.   4. She brought wine with her   5. Her ability to harmonize with all people and to bring them into the conversation without offending them.   6. Her love of teaching and her ability to articulate her thoughts.   7. I didn’t have to work at being her friend/student, it just flowed.

Thank you, Michelle.

— Adam Johnson, English teacher and long-term volunteer

I liked the teacher training which was given by Michelle Ma’am. In this teacher training based on evaluation, I learned so many things that can be used for our children. When I tried them in class, they really worked! So, I hope we can have this type of training again in our school.

– Deki Tsomu, Math teacher in training and Teaching assistant to Minoti Ma’am

I liked this teachers training workshop based on evaluation. I learned so many things like Group Activities, how to form different types of groups and how we can utilize them in class. So I used these group formation techniques in my classes and they were very effective and useful for my students.

Rubrics are amazing in assessment and very useful for a true assessment of children’s knowledge. And we learned them by creating some ourselves in different group made by Michelle.

I feel like a student and I never attended this type of workshop and it was very enjoyable for me. I am very thankful to Michelle Madam.

— Tenzing Yangi, Bhoti (Tibetan) and Traditional Music and Dance teacher

I am very glad to have Michelle Ma’am here for teacher training. I think it is really necessary for all the teachers to have trainings like this every year. It is very helpful to me and through this training, I can assess the children better. Going to her class was very helpful to me and I learned so many things and I am using her methods in my class. Her observation of my class and her suggestions are very useful as well. I am finding it easier to manage my Class 3 students!

— Gombu Lhamu, Social Studies and Environment teacher

I think it was a great experience; very helpful! We all need to improve areas in our jobs all the time and even more people like me who are not teachers. Of course, I don’t have the right experience. I feel that I learned a lot and we received so much…so many good ideas and different techniques for assessment! I learned to be aware of things that I developing wrong and strength and confidence on the things I was doing right.

Thank you so much for taking the time to come and take this seriously and give us an awesome workshop and share your talent and knowledge with us, Michelle! Certainly this is a huge blessing for the teachers, volunteers and the whole school to have this possibility to grow a little more and be able to give better education. I am glad I came at this this time and had the opportunity to participate.

— Romina Barria, Science teacher and long-term volunteer

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5 Responses to Teacher’s Reflections on Michelle’s Training Workshop

  1. Beezy says:

    How happy I am that teachers at Jhamtse Gatsal have the opportunity to learn from Michelle. Because she was with you day by day, and a part of the life of the community, she could really understand the needs, the challenges, and the wonderful possibilities of education in this very special environment.

    I think this is absolutely the best way for Gatsal teachers to learn and grow, and I am sure it will be reflected in the skill, joy, enthusiasm and creativity that they bring to the children.

  2. Laurel Lhowe says:

    Kudos to Michelle! I also enjoyed listening and participating in most of the workshops even though I only taught 12 classes…the one and only time in my life I have been a teacher with a real classroom and true students.

  3. Jerry Zadow says:

    Adding to skills and working concepts necessary to our children’s’ futures. Wonderful thank you Michelle and thanks to all participating teachers

  4. Mark says:

    Great feedback and great work on what sounds like a wonderful collaboration. Everyone benefits especially the students.
    Congrats, well done and Tashi Delek.

  5. Sabyasachi says:

    wowww !!!!
    what a joyful reflection from all my friends cum teachers !!! So glad to hear from all of you at a time :)
    well….what i can say…simply I MISSED !! :-/

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