The Architecture of Learning

Kevin Washburn, presenting to workshop attendees in Lumla, India.

The Architecture of Learning Workshops are over! Dr. Washburn was a dynamic and knowledgeable presenter. His patience and enthusiasm helped motivate us to persevere through some tough new notions.

We had six intense jam packed days of learning to design curriculum. Our teachers as well as the government teachers worked hard to align their teaching experience and practice with new ideas to aid their students in learning both subject matter and skills. We wrestled with patterns, unit blueprints, core processes, focus strands and outcomes. We worked our way through it all and are now able to provide experiences and reference points to our students. These will enable the students to gain knowledge of material, develop understanding of major concepts and relationships, and facilitate utilization of their learning even in situations outside the classroom.

At the conclusion of the workshop, we were thrilled and proud to receive our certificate of achievement. Well done everyone!

~ Michelle B. Du Bois (Jhamtse Education Consultant)

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I felt that I was very lucky to get a chance to take the workshop about Architecture of Learning. I got a very good experience and made a reference point for future workshops. I came out with a good intention for the future. Thanks to Kevin sir for giving us a beautiful workshop.

~ Tenzing Yangkey (Bhoti and Tibetan Dance Teacher)

I really liked the workshop, it was different from other workshops. I learned many useful methods for my teaching. I really liked developing a blueprint and giving constructive feedback.

~ Tsetan Sangpo (Bhoti Teacher)

By Kevin’s “Architecture of Learning,” I learned how and why teaching needs a step by step procedure, so that children can grab the knowledge and understanding not only for academic purpose. They can connect the education with their (daily) real life. I liked most learning about rubrics and instructive feedback.

~ Minoti Singha (Primary Teacher)

Dr. Kevin’s workshop was worth attending, in fact, the Blueprint was the most fascinating part of the Architecture of Learning.

~ Liza Debisow (Social Studies Teacher)

The workshop was truly a great experience for me. I learned things which would be very helpful for teaching, like how students learn, developing blueprints and giving instructive feedback to students, which is a very important part of learning. I hope that this workshop will improve my teaching methods and that learning will be more joyful and interesting for my students.

~ Gombu Lhamu (Primary Teacher)

I learned how dedicated the Jhamtse Gatsal teachers are to improving their skills to better help the children here learn.

~ Spencer B. (volunteer)

A different type of teaching based on brain research, that breaks down the steps of learning. I really liked the section of assessment that focuses on giving constructive feedback & encouragement to students.

~ Amma Spence (volunteer Science & Math Teacher)

It’s a very pleasant moment for me to come here and share my views to sir Kevin and other members of Jhamtse. It was a new experience for me. I learned a lot from him, and hope I can implement it in my school and my society. Thanks to Kevin for being with us and spending valuable time sharing his wisdom. Thanks for everything.

~ Kalpana Subba (Assistant Teacher, Govt. Town Secondary School, Tawang)

For me it’s a wonderful moment spent on workshop gaining such a nice teaching from Kevin sir, and here I am taking my new way of teaching from his support and feel more connected to students. Thanks for showing me a ray of hope to do better in my future. I also hope that like me, many others are writing too of your valuable support and guidance. I also say thanks for the Jhamtse Gatsal team, to make such an effort in arranging such a nice workshop and hope in the future they will also make such an arrangement and benefit to our society. Thank you all to make me a part of your workshop.

~ Hassana Rahman (Assistant Teacher, Primary School, Kharsot)

It was really a great experience for me as a teacher. I really liked subject matter type and giving practice with feedback.

~ Deki Tsomu (Math Teacher)

The Architecture of Learning workshop was truly a learning experience. Even though I am not a teacher, I can see myself using it in so many areas beyond education. It was such an enlightening and delightful experience…I have never laughed or enjoyed being in a “classroom” as much. And in case anyone wants the key to liven up a dreary post-lunch session: bring out some Tingmo’s (Tibetan steamed bread) and honey. (Sugar works just as well on adults as it does on kids.) Kevin is a great teacher! I am thankful we got this opportunity to work so closely with him and have so many insightful out-of-class discussions with him. I doubt any of his other workshop participants have such luxury. So, thank you, Kevin and Julia, for coming to our remote Community, bearing smilingly with our many challenges and giving us this joyful reference point for quality instruction. Thank you, Michelle, for taking the time to come and work with us prior and post workshop. Thank you, Jhamtse International board members, for believing in our potential and investing in our learning. And last but not the least, thank you, Gen la, for constantly stretching our limits and broadening our horizons!

~ Vasudha Wanchoo (Managing Director, JGCC)

The Architecture of Learning workshop gave us a clear blueprint for teaching and learning, and helped us to make education really meaningful both in the classroom and outside the classroom.

~ Lobsang Phuntsok (Director, JGCC)

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  1. Wow, what a wonderful report. I’m so humbled and encouraged by the reviews—thanks for such encouraging words! I LOVED teaching Jhamtse Gatsal, and I’m already hoping I get to come back! Greetings to all my wonderful friends there!

  2. Laurel Lhowe says:

    This workshop sounds so interesting and helpful. How wonderful to see JGCC as a gathering place for other professional to learn and exchange ideas. Happy Spring to all.

  3. Sabyasachi says:

    great exposure…great learning !!

  4. Now that I am home, I can’t stress enough how much I love being at Jhamtse Gatsal. The environment is so terrific, but really pales in comparison all to the people and how hard they work to make this place so fulfilling for the students!

  5. Rita Hoffman says:

    Dear Kevin and Julia,

    How wonderful and exciting that you had this marvelous opportunity! AoL has crossed thousands of miles and is now blessing many new educators. AND these dear people had the fantastic chance to sit under the instruction of the best! I am so thrilled for them…and you!

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