Time for 45 Days Break

As we know, it’s hard to leave Gatsal for most of the children because they know life is not so easy and comfortable in their home village. Even so, it’s time for winter vacation for pre-K – grade 7.

On the 11th of February morning, all the children were in a rush to get ready to go to their homes. Some of the children are excited but most of them are sad. At 9:00am parents & guardians arrived and we, the teachers and Ama-las had a small gathering with them. We suggested for them to take good care of themselves as we do in Gatsal every day (eg. hygiene habits, prayer, and studies – teachers are giving homework during vacation). Then afterwards, we released the children with warm hugs and love to their parents and families.

We hope everyone will enjoy the nice break!

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4 Responses to Time for 45 Days Break

  1. Mark Foley says:

    These breaks must come with mixed feelings but for the teachers and staff it’s important time for you guys. You work 24X7 tirelessly and compassionately. A little break to rejuvenate and change things up a bit can be useful.

    Enjoy the break and please know that we are always in awe of the great work you are doing. It’s because of your efforts we are inspired to continue our efforts of assistance.

    All the best and Tashi Delek

  2. Jerry says:

    Minoti Madam, thank you for the news. We are happy for your time off, happy that the older children will stay, and hope that all will come back healthy and happy.

    Many Tashi Delek,

  3. Ada Woolston says:

    We hope you all will be able to take a deep breath and relax and get some extra sleep!

  4. sabyasachi says:

    hope this break will bring lots of happiness in their families :)

    love you all

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