Truly Special and Wondrous

A child-sponsor from Charlemont, Massachusetts, USA shares his thoughts after visiting Jhamtse Gatsal Children’s Community.

[singlepic id=1837 w=250 h=250 float=left]I had the privilege & pleasure of visiting Jhamtse Gatsal for a week this October. Tho this wasn’t as much time as I wanted to spend, it was enough to show me that the school truly is a special and wondrous place. I was able to immerse myself in the daily goings-on and experience most of the children’s activities. These included observing and participating in many classrooms, eating with the children at times, informal play & discussion, taking a morning walk and doing yoga with them – I even helped when almost the entire school moved heavy bricks from a construction site. I also was involved with the music program all week, which ended with a wonderful dance & concert which featured teachers and most of the kids!!

In addition, I was able to spend quality time with my sponsored child – both on our own and during the general routine. This enabled both of us to know each other in person, after communicating by letters for 6 years, and was so special. All the other children were warm and loving as well – and entirely appreciative of my being there. It was clear that everything which the staff is doing, is creating a close-knit and caring community, where everyone benefits…and never is heard a discouraging word (I did not see any signs of upset, anger or selfishness – only joyful comraderie).

Tho I was already dedicated to supporting the school, my trip there increased this in a natural and necessary way – one cannot be with these lovely & loving children without wanting to do as much as possible for them. Upon my return, I spoke with a private school in my area, and they are most interested in developing a relationship with Jhamtse Gatsal. So I most highly recommend that any sponsor or volunteer – if able – go and see for yourself what miracle is transpiring there. You will leave with your heart as open and tender as is possible. And for those of you not able to make the journey, please know that all your efforts & support are just as valuable.

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