Update of The Building Construction

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The building that is under construction on campus will be for new staff housing, office space, and a computer lab classroom.

The staff housing is coming along; the doors, windows, walls and ceiling are painted nicely. Shelves are still being made for the closets. The electrical wires, lights, power outlets, and switches still needs to be put in before the staff rooms are finished. There are 7 rooms for staff housing.

The building has a nice new roof on it.

The main floor office walls are all bricked in.

All the window and door frames are built and waiting to be put into place.

More blocks are being made by compacting gravel, sand, and cement together. These bricks will be the support base for the window frames.

The ceiling, floors, electrical, doors, windows, and paint will still need to be finished for the main floor rooms to be finished. There is also a plan to build bathrooms and showers at each end of the building to accommodate the staff quarters. The work is all being done by community staff with the help of students on the weekends. Overall it is looking great!

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3 Responses to Update of The Building Construction

  1. Mark says:

    A true labor of love. Was the Kai helping out?

  2. Yeah – great progress – it’s looking wonderful!

  3. Sabyasachi says:

    fantastic progress !!!

    can’t wait to visit again

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