Volleyball Tournament

An interview with the boys of the 3rd place team from the Children’s Day Volleyball Tournament, by Heather B., with translation help from Rinchen Lhamu (Class 9):

Heather: The volleyball tournament this year was pretty exciting! Can you tell me a little about it?

Team: Volleyball is a kind of game, and we like it. [In the tournament games] we played nice, and had lots of fun.

Heather: What was your team name?

Team: We were the Jhamtse Gatsal Hero Team!

Heather: And who was on your team?

Team: All our team members were Therchung Tsering, Dargey Phuntsok, Tenzin Norbu, Koncho Norbu, Dorjee Wangchu – he was the captain, Sangey Ngodup – he was the Vice Captain, and Gombu Tsering.

Heather: Are there positions? Who plays what?

Team: The positions are cutter, center, side cutter, servicer, and lifter. We take turns in all the positions. But we loved it when people told us things like “your service is amazing!”

Heather: You guys were the youngest and smallest team, and you did really well! How did you learn to play volleyball?

Team: We just started playing this year. We learned here at Jhamtse Gatsal, by watching the big boys play. They are very good! We want to learn more from the elder boys — they are good teachers and they help us learn.

Heather: How long was the tournament?

Team: 6 days.

Heather: Which other team did you like playing the best?

Team: Our favorite team was the staff team. They were very easy to beat. The teachers tried and tried, but they just couldn’t win.

Heather: What else exciting happened during the tournament?

Team: We won one game against Team Evergreen (the first place team). That was cool, because they were so good. And in the game, they spiked the ball over the net and we got it, and they were very surprised!

Heather: What did you think about the outcome of the games?

Team: We thought we would win the final game, but we didn’t. When Ma’am Vasudha gave out the prizes, we thought we would be first. We felt a little bit hopeless — but there is always next year. We were happy to get 3rd place, but we want to improve and next year we will win!

Heather: Anything else to add?

Team: We have to practice, so when we get big we will be very good. When we get big we will still play with each other, and we will be very famous… and we will be better than the big boys!

volleyball heroes

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