Waterslide Fun

We finally got a few quiet weekends for the kids in September. Everybody has an agenda for them, but sometimes we just need to play! It’s starting to feel like the end of summer, but it is definitely still warm enough for some good old-fashioned playing in the water, so the kids and I proposed the idea to Gen la – by a secretly delivered note-drawing – of building a waterslide and pool for a day. He laughed…. and agreed!

We borrowed a few things from the new building construction crew, and what took us not so very long to build ended up providing many many hours of excitement and fun. It was especially fun to do something that all the youngest kids could enjoy, since it’s usually the older kids who get to do everything. They loved it! It was a good, sunny, wet, slipping, sliding, splashing, muddy time, and we can’t wait to do it again!

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  1. Laurel Lhowe says:

    What a blast! Fun and a shower all at the same time.

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