You are always in my heart!


Geneva, July 17th, 2014

Dear Jhamtse children,
I hope this letter finds you well.

Already one year has passed since my stay in your school. Time is passing but your smiles and laughs are still in my mind. You are always in my heart!

After all these years my mother telling me about you, I’m glad to finally decided to visit you. What a wonderful stay! I’ve travelled a lot in my life but I’ve never been to India before. Without a doubt, your welcoming has been the greatest I’ve ever received!

Your school is special, as you are. It seems like a little paradise on the top of a mountain, where childhood wounds are healed by love and compassion. If we, foreigners from abroad, come to your school with such amazement, it is because you teach us that much less is needed to be happy. We live in rich countries but people are unhappy and depressed. Money can buy food but not happiness. We have goods but we lost our values.

What you learn in Jhamtse is more than just education. You have a family, friends and people you can trust. You learn to share, to respect others and to have a kind heart. One day you will realize that what you have learnt will become your strength to face the world. Outside of Jhamtse’s doors, the world is big and not always friendly. Human beings can be selfish and evil-minded. Don’t be afraid, your determination to succeed will help you to pass through. Life isn’t easy, for everyone. But you already have this happiness in your heart, having grown up in Jhamtse. However, never forget that for children that are not born in rich families, the key to success is to work hard. Your studies are the door to a better future. You have your destiny in your hands; this means that you can decide what kind of person you would like to be and the life you want to live. Each one of you has a talent, it is up to you to discover which is yours and how you can use it to, one day, earn your living and support your family.

As I wrote in my rap last year:
Life is beautiful, life is precious
Even if the start can be tremendous
Never give up! Destiny is in your hands
Hope is freedom; just don’t miss your chance.

With all my love,



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3 Responses to You are always in my heart!

  1. Eva says:

    Wonderfull,could n t write better!

  2. Mark Foley says:

    Thanks for sharing this note. Spot on Dina!

  3. You letter perfectly expresses my feelings about Jhamtse Gatsal and life there. These children have the very best life has to offer and will grow up to be beautiful adults with loving hearts. I hope they will be able to carry on the work of Lobsang and his staff and enrich the lives of others as they have been enriched through love and compassion.
    I love them all!

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