You’re Invited: Jhamtse Gatsal Blanket

It’s November! And what goes better with cozy days indoors and warm beverages (chai, anyone?)? Nothing but KNITTING!

Pema Drolma B, Dorjee Wangchu, and Tsering Pema pose proudly with a blanket-in-progress.Last summer at Jhamtse my friends and I began a project; in excited anticipation of our journey, we knit a number of rectangles, then brought yarn and needles to Jhamtse for the kids. The needles hung out in the family houses, a communal knitting project that older and younger children could participate in at their own level and pace, all the looping threads coming together to form one big, expanding “Jhamtse Gatsal Blanket,” as a few of the kids titled the endeavor.

Just like Jhamtse, the blanket is a mosaic, made up of the collected efforts (and exponentially multiplied love) of a lot of energetic and caring individuals.

(…That’s you!)

And in honor of the incredibleness that is the collective construction of Jhamtse Gatsal, I want to take this chance to invite all of Jhamtse’s supporters to participate in this microcosmic project!

If you’d like to knit a rectangle to send to Jhamtse, get in touch with me at any time and I’ll make sure it gets there in the next suitcase. (You can write to me, Sandy, at and we can talk logistics.) The next opportunity to stuff-schlepp be this coming December, if you are inclined to knit quickly! =) But contributions can be accepted at any point. The great thing about such a free-form afghan is that it never stops growing!

All are welcome to partake, whether it’s your first experiment in knitting or whether you’re a pro. Any (even vaugely approximately) 7 x 9 inch rectangle, knit or crocheted. Feel free to attach a note for the kids when you send them your swatch of love incarnate. It’s a great, personal mark you can leave, that will tie up together with everyone’s strands and keep the entire community warm for a long time.

Here are some pictures from some of the children sewing together the first few patches last summer.

[nggallery id=133]

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4 Responses to You’re Invited: Jhamtse Gatsal Blanket

  1. Mark says:

    heart-warming and body-warming!!! microcosmic indeed…

  2. Jerry Zadow says:

    so much fun, so cool, such a great project to include all

    Thank you, Sandy

  3. David Fersh says:

    what a terrific idea–and what great photos of the kids enmeshed in their knitting…with a big snowstorm heading our way in Western Massachusetts,and temperatures expected to be 15 below zero, i could sure use a blanket of those ‘love rectangles.’

  4. Michele Knutson says:

    Such a lovely idea! Many thanks!

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